Suggestions for bookshelf speakers that have great dynamics, budget of $500 used.

So I really do not know where to start with bookshelf speakers as not been in the market for any for ever it seems.
This is for a second system where a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 3i are currently doing duty.
Room is largish and open but ultimate sq is not the aim as it is occasional use only, but when I do fire this rig up I usually like to play fairly loud.
Sources are many, fm radio, cassette tape, vinyl and streaming.
I have plenty of horses to feed them so even inefficient models can be considered.
Prefer to buy used as big savings to be had obviously and already broken in.
So suggestions around a maximum price break of $500 used.
Thank you in advance.
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Buying used is wise .... I bought for peanuts Mission Cyrus 781 speakers (under 100 bucks) To upgrade that would be buying thousand dollars used speakers (Harbeth probably)... With luck and if you look for you will be the next owner...I cannot say anything bad about them....But they are at the limit of size for budget speakers...They are on my desk between the computer screen on my homemade anti-vibration sandwiches plates...My best to you...
I've seen some good press on the Klipsch RPM600 and I think they're within your budget. 
With all due respect to the previous poster, the Klipsch have nice and lively sound but a bit bright for my classical music ambitions.

Buying used, you can get a cut above that and end up with even more quality, although for the money, the Klipsch is a nice offering, especially for certain kind of music...

I prefer the MA silver over Klipsch.

With your budget, it would be difficult to out do the MA silver - I love mine with pretty top end sound, and clear mid and tight bass...although lacks refinement of an upper end speakers.

I second the Harbeth previous poster mentioned - they would surely lift you out of a side ways move, and give you an upgrade...but would be hard to find for that money...

Perhaps you can look at Spendor speakers as well...
I owned and sold a pair of the Spendor S3/5's that fit right in to your budget. They were absolutely wonderful little speakers! However,these definitely aren't rock out at 100db speakers. They did seem to perform pretty well in our 15x25 ft finished basement. YMMV.  The MA's sound like checking out as well.
    Enjoy the hunt!!
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Epos K1i currently on sale at Music Direct.

Few other brands are as dynamic. 
Anybody owned the Dali Zensor speakers?
Both the 1 and 3 look interesting.
Have a look at Silverline.  Although perhaps better known for floorstanders, they make some good bookshelfs; you might find a used pair at your price point.
I have a pair of modified Heresy IIs, that might interest you. If you have any interest, you can PM me.....
I own a pair of Dali Zensor 1s. I purchased them used ($200) from another AGer who wanted to upgrade to the Zensor 3s. The 3s would be better for a 'largish' room, however can't say how they would compare to the Monitors.

A used pair of Paradigm Studio Reference 20s V4 might be just the ticket. I once owned a pair and thought them to be quite dynamic. 
Zensor 3s are nice mellow, have Paradigm 20 v.4 love em! MA Silver also tried, more laid back than Paradigm. Might try again!
I sort of figured the Zensor 3 would be more suited to my room tbh.
Silver line is definitely an option, a few on USA audiomart in my price range.
Not heard any paradigm speakers, will research them.
When you say dynamic and loud, my first thought is Klipsch.  
You might be able to find a dealer willing to discount some B&W 607s. An industry typical 15% discount would bring their price to $595. Saving just a bit longer to step up to these from the typical ~$400 offerings would be a good move IMO. The older 600 series was quite dynamic and some reviews claim the new 607s are as well. 

You could probably audition 20 other brands and not find any more dynamic than Epos or B&W. One exception might be the new Klipsch RP-600M. I haven't heard them yet but many are raving about their dynamics. However, my presumption is their midrange isn't as refined as some of the British brands. 

Anybody got first hand experience of Revel?
Looking at a pair of M20 CW stands for a fair price.
I have seen Dynaudio Focus 140s go for around 500. If you have plenty of horses as you say they will be really good for that price. 
Wharfedale 10.1 or 225 models are pretty decent and much better than their price might suggest. 
Lots of options with $500 on the used market. I have not had a chance to hear the Revels. From what I have read I have become interested, however have too many speakers pairs. 
Been doing some reading this morning.
It may take more than $500 to significantly better my existing Silver 3i speakers.
Did not realize this model was still made in England before they switched production to China.

Tbh, there is not much wrong with them but at the very low price I paid I assumed they were a cheaper speaker that it seems they truly are.
Guess I should just trust my ears, the grass is not always greener on the other side!

Still looking at options though.
Older pair of Legacy Studio's?
Are these actually going on a bookshelf? How big can they be?

Vanatoo Transparent One Encore active speakers are the first thing that come to mind. These do it all well and very compact.  You can buy them new on Amazon for $600.   I use a pair in my wife’s sunroom. 
Actually they will sit on 26 inch high solid sand filled stands so can be a decent size in reality.
I guess monitors is a better description that bookshelf speakers.
But active will not work as being driven by a vintage Sanyo receiver, no outputs bar speaker connections.

If you can go just a bit more I’d be considering the Ohm Cam 42s here. 
The Legacy studios are very good call but again doubt if can be had for $500.
You never know though.

Have no experience of Ohm speakers at all.
If you're willing to go bigger than bookshelf, consider used Klipsch Heresy I. You can put them on stands, but they're designed to be on the floor. Very dynamic, don't need more than a few watts.
I have looked at the Heresy, it had been previously suggested.
Just a little on the large side for my liking.

No brainer.  You talk about plenty of horses to drive.  Does this include a sub out on a preamp?  Just add a sub for more throw and keep the Monitor Audio speakers.  More dynamics and bigger sound overall.

Really, FM, cassette, how audiophile do you need to get?
Uberwaltz, yes, I was thinking that $500 would be more likely to purchase a speaker sounding different as apposed to better. I guess it comes down to how much you enjoy the Monitors.  I have 3 sets of speakers for use in my secondary system, change can be fun. Also serves as an educational experience.
Unfortunately no sub out from my vintage Sanyo receiver so if went the sub route would have to be on the speaker high levels, which could work of course....

Now we are on the same wavelength here, and a sideways move could end up being a backwards move, been there and done that many times!
But a change is also always fun and always educational!
Now those have my attention for sure.
Thank you
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Some great recommendations on this page. My 2 cents is to check out Accessories4Less that has several new bookshelf speakers in your budget including shipping: KEF, Canton, and Focal speakers. You can check them out at the below link.
I like my Heresy IIs a lot and would recommend them. I tweaked them a little with some Crites crossovers and tweeters. I think they may surprise you.
I deeply appreciate all the great suggestion that folks have come up with and I am now a lot wiser on monitor speakers!
I am going to look at a local pair of Vienna Haydn tomorrow morning, price is very fair.
Anybody any experience of these?
It’s one brand always been on my radar but never tried out.
Polk Audio is discontinuing their flagship LSiM line, and as a result they are unloading existing inventory at greatly reduced prices. You can get a pair of the LSiM703s for $600 new on Amazon (originally listed for $1499). They are unusual for a bookshelf in that they are a true 3-way speaker.

Stereophile reviewed them positively several years ago and confirmed that their -3 db point was 55 Hz. It is a 4 ohm speaker with 86db sensitivity.

At that price the Polks seem interesting. As I have previously stated I already have too many speakers or I might try a pair. 
i like the b&w 686,you can get them used for less than 250$. 
i auditioned them next to the 685 who got much better reviews at the time but i prefered the 686 because they sound sweeter and less forward. i used an old arcam delta  integrated with them and it was a great match ,they were ok with rotel and nad amps  but nowhere near the arcam.  they need at least 75wpc though they are quite small.
there are refurbished ohm walsh e2 for 400 now on their website (outlet)they have a 120 day trial! and 3 years limited can probably get some great used  kef,infinity or dynaudio bookshelves for that price as well. what amp?
Nice suggestions all for sure.

I did buy the Vienna Acoustics Haydn as they were immaculate and even set up in very poor location at his house they really sounded good.

Will be giving them a long road test tomorrow.
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I heard the Haydns at a dealer quite some time ago. I thought they sounded very lush, somewhat warm, refined. Good looking speaker. Let us know what you think of them. 
I cannot say as I would describe them as lush or warm but obviously a lot of that is system dependant.
I would say they are warmer on the very top end than the Silver 3i which is not a bad thing.
Mids sound about the same with vocals and acoustics being well detailed.
The bass might be a tad deeper but does appear to be more defined, especially as the volume is pushed where the Silver 3i could start sounding a little harsh and more "boomy"
Do not get me wrong the Silvers are mighty fine speakers for the money and I am talking louder than really comfortable levels and they are in a fairly large room.
Overall I am pretty happy with the Haydn,s.
I had some Haydn Grands and liked them at first, but they were lacking treble (too warm) and kind of boring (not very dynamic) after listening to them for a while.  They are pretty.  I had them in my bedroom, and maybe that was too large of a space for them.  They might be good for a desktop system.  They're the polar opposite of the Monitor Audio sound, so I can see how they might be a good fit if you didn't like that sound.
Obviously we will see as time goes one.
At this sort of price points it is no big deal if I end up not liking and want to try something else from the excellent suggestions here.
Tbh with my Sanyo receiver with tone controls I can boost the treble a little if needed, I could not really fix the perceived harshness of the Silver’s though when pushed.
I have already found out the Haydn are more critical of placement. I had a little too much bass boom and just moving the LH speaker 3 inch forward and 4 inch further apart and narrowing the toe in cured that entirely.
Oh and they absolutely need the port bungs in place in my application and location.
I certainly am a lot more aware of top shelf monitors around this price now so that is a very good thing indeed!
uber, I found them easy to listen to and if you decide you'd like to try something else, they're easy to move.  I've tried a couple of different Monitor Audio speakers and they were too bright for me also.  Let us know how they work out over time.