Suggestions for best speakers for Pass aleph 3

Listen a lot of classical, piano and voices. Some Jazz. room 18x12, hard floors.Prefer floorsdanders. Price up to $1000. Wouldn't mind DIY project. Thanks!
Thank alot for your time. Wow, so many things I didn't think about. do you think, for the starters, Pass Aleph with 30wpc into 8ohm, and 60 into 4 would be sufficient? Thanks again!
Maybe for efficent monitors.

Again, go by the speaker mfgr recommendation. Though it is wise to use a little more power than the minimum: for a 'sense of ease' at higher playback levels. While careful not to exceed the maximum.

More power does not mean better sound. That is audiophile hogwash. At best, not enough power can mean 'not enough' sound. Too much can blow your speakers, and that is not something you want to hear :-)

Of course as long as Magnapan fails to provide a recommendation we are all stuck with 'trial and error'. But again, thankfully the dealers tend to comply with buyers auditioning components.

I think I would try your amp with the MMG's, and not be at all surprised if it works fine.

Like I said, the position of the volume knob relative to level heard is the tell tale sign. That is, if the volume is way up and you get only moderate or low sound, it can safely be construed there is insufficient power.

You could always bi-amp if that is the case. Use an interconnect 'splitter' --from the preamp to each amp: one amp for each speaker, doubling the speaker cable at speaker terminals, or one to each if two are available (bass and treble).

That will double the power, if you see what I mean, though it has no sonic advantage as some (especially Maggie owners) erronously assume.