Suggestions for Balanced DAC Upgrade?

As I proceed through my "8-year-upgrade", I'm in a quandry with respect to upgrading my DAC. I would appreciate any suggestions those of you still running separates would be willing to provide...

My system:
Theta Data Basic, cleaned up with a Genesis Time Lens
Theta Progeny A (nice and within budget in 1995, but currently weakest link)
Pass X1/X250
Thiel 2.4
Az Matrix Ref II, Kimber Orchid, Thetalinque

My desire is to complete the conversion to an all-balanced system. I listen exclusively to conventional CDs, and my tastes run all over the map. I enjoy a dynamic, clean and accurate sound.

With the DAC upgrade, I'd mostly like to achieve less treble hash and greater definition of individual instruments in complex musical passages. I also want to improve low frequency definition...

I've tried to bone up on Stereophile/TAS writeups, etc.., but don't find them too useful (everything's always "wonderful"). I realize the technology continues to advance quickly, so I'd probably get better results with a newer/less expensive unit than an older/more expensive one.

My kneejerk reaction is to pursue a Gen Va, but are there any other solid candidates in the $1000-2000 range? I thought about the Bel Canto, but it's single-ended only.

Thanks in advance for your help! I'm going to try to audition a couple over the next few weeks in the L.A. area, if possible...
I have a Muse Model Five transport and fully balanced Model Two Plus DAC that I haven't listed yet. With this combo connected together via Muse's proprietary 13W3 I2S interface (I will include the cable)you would eliminate the need for the Genesis Digital lens as this interface transmits separate clock and data signals to the DAC thus essentially eliminating all jitter. I will sell you this combo that originally retailed for $4500 including I2S cable for $1400. It will knock out most anything out there in the $4500 or below range.

The Two Plus DAC has both RCA and fully balanced analog outputs. To fully realize the potential of the Model Two Plus DAC, you owe it to yourself to pair it with the Model Five via I2S (a much superior digital connection than either RCA, AES/EBU or BNC). However, on its own accord the Model Two Plus is a formidible DAC.

If you are interested, contact me via email.
See if you can find a used Chord DAC 64. New they run about $3,000 and you might be able to find a used one for the upper end of your budget.

I run mine balanced through a Levinson 380S. Very refined, very revealing, and no "hash."

Good luck, Dave
The Classe' DAC-1 should be right at or just under $1K. Its a real sleeper, if anything that was rated class A is a sleeper. Very refined sound. No hash in my system. Can be run as balanced or single ended, and has co-ax, aes/ebu and toslink inputs.
Find a local dealer and audition the Audio Note Dac 2.1 or 3.1 Balanced. Incredible
Sorry I didn't read about your price point. Might try to find a used one. Next time I will read more carefully.

I appreciate the Muse suggestions...

You've actually got me thinking about a 296, or even a One Ninety Two.

Would either be a good choice (relative to a Gen Va) accepting the Genesis output via xlr? Or, do you really need to embrace the I2S to realize substantial improvement?

Checking various related threads, you seem to be quite knowledgable regarding various Muse combinations...

It's difficult to find much info on Muse via Google...

Thanks to all for your thoughts!