Suggestions for Balanced cable between Luxman C900U and M900U.

Need some feedback on  cable synergy for Luxman combo. Xlr balanced cable approx 12 ft. Price range $1500-2500.
Thanks Mike
A lovely system, the Luxman components.

For balanced interconnects, I’ve had great results with Mogami 2459 and Neutrik XLRs fabricated into cable assemblies to order from ProAudioLA. I compared the result to a pair of $2200 "boutique" cables from a well-known audiophile brand, and the Mogami was more transparent and more neutral.

If you are not averse to paying less than most audiophiles do, you could order a pair (probably for less than $100) and see for yourself.
HI MMoe- I would give the Analysis Plus Silver Apex an audition in that system.  It is dead quiet, well balanced, very dynamic, and has just a touch of harmonics to keep it from sounding "dry".  Good Luck!
I'm using a totally balanced system...have tried many balanced cables....not that much difference in them. (differentially balanced)
If the system is truly balanced, cables should not make a difference.
Ask Atma Sphere.