Suggestions for B&W 800N

Krell, Pass, Mcintosh, Rowland,Levinson, any SS amp suggestions? Would like to add a tube pre, looking for a sweet soft lush sound of tubes. I find the mid and tweet a little too hot for my tastes would a CJ work well with these balanced SS amps? Finally straight, bi, shotgun, would like to hear anyone's experiences with the 800N. Currently running the MBL digital front end (1521 and 1511), using AU24 cables and Acoustic Zen Holigram II straight run on speakers. Tara Labs powercords throughout the system. Thanks for any insights. John
For solid state amps ,I have always like the Classe line. They always sound right to me. My pick for you pre-amp would be Audio Research sp11 mk2 .Great peice and has it all. Audience P/cords would work well for you too.
I've heard krell/b&w systems sound awesome, with the right krell amp. I think the FPB 600 would be a great choice. However, I'm am convinced that B&W/Classe is one of the best setups around. That would be my first choice if I was in the market for amplification.
Thanks for your responses, I think most of the amps Ive listed would be good choices. Was hoping to learn a little more about the pre amp match, would a single ended Conrad Johnson be an good option with a balanced solid state amp. Regards, John