Suggestions for an SUT for Ortofon vintage MCs?

I've got a couple vintage Ortofon cartridges like an SL15 and an SPU and I'm looking for a SUT but I'd like to keep it in the $500 range if possible. Not ready to commit to the cost of the A23 SUT yet.

Thanks in advance!


Can the transformer that came with many SL15s be found in that price range?


As far as $500 and under it's in the diy territory or vintage score imho. ( jensen, lundahl etc)

I got a Phasemation T-300 not too long ago and it's been a great pairing with my old Koetsu Black. It's 1:20 ratio or 26 dB gain, dead quiet, lowered my noise floor to nothing. Noticeable gains in sonics, especially in clarity and bass drive. Think I scored a pretty nice bargain, does the trick for me. 

Tell us what the output voltages and the impedance's of the carts are so we can make some suggestions.



Dear @dhcod  : With out doubt and almost at any price you can't do better than the Denon AU-340 that will works really fine with your cartridges and almost any vintage or today ones:


Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,


Btw, there are many units on ebay, higly recomended and if you make an internal rewiring and change the input/output connectors for say WBT then your unit can't be outperformed.

Wow, that's an excellent price on that Denon AU-340! I use one for my Denon DL-103 carts and love it. Those high end Tamuri transformers can't be purchased bare at that price.