Suggestions for an integrated upgrade please

Hello everyone,

I am looking to upgrade my integrated here is my system

FLAC on mac book pro — Singxer Su6—Lampizator level4+ Gen5—jolida jd1000a

with gold lions preamp tubes and Mullard tubes— NHT 3.3 speakers

Before the Jolida I had an Hegel H100.

I like the midrange of the Jolida, it has a nice presence, nice timbres but the problem is when raise the volume, I don’t go deeper inside the music, it just gets louder but the sound doesn’t get bigger, soundstage is small. Also there’s no air with this amp. Bass is very weak.


The Hegel was technically nicer but I could never emotionally with the music on this amp. It just sounded fake.


I listen to 65-85dbs level, my room is small, 12’x18’


I want to stay with an integrated as my wife wont allow multiple components ans cables in the room


The NHT 3.3 are rates 87db @ 6ohm


I listened to a Kora 400, which sounded amazing but at 12k usd it is out my budget


It is hard to organize listening session because of covid

so I am looking for suggestions to narrow down the numbers of sessions needed.


I don’t mind if it is tube or transistor as long as it has beautiful midrange, timbres, deep soundstage and air.


budget is 3 to 5K usd, I don’t mind buying used or new.


any suggestions are welcome!








There is a Pass Int-25 for sale here on AG. Probably could be had for under $5000.


For price point, I've always liked the Quick Silver stuff. Clear, with presence and able to transfer a lot of the dynamics and timbre of instruments and voice.

They only recently came out with an integrated below 2K and I would be intrigued to hear if it approaches the ability and verisimilitude of their separates.

If it does, it would be quite the catch.

I purchased a Belles Aria last year and couldn’t be happier.  I absolutely love it.

I have an older Krell KAV300i and I love it.  Don't think I'll ever get rid of it.

As rbstehno said, the NHT 3.3's do not work well with all amps. I owned a pair for 7 years and experimented with a few different amps and eventually settled on separates. An Audio Research SP-10 and a Counterpoint NPS 400, both of which had tubes. It was the only way I could listen to the speakers for more than an hour at a time. The tweeter was way too hot otherwise. That was the combination that was demoed to me when I bought them. My Audible Illusions preamp and Aragon amplifier were close but ultimately I decided that I needed something a bit mellower sounding.

I would second Tomic601's recommendation of the Aesthetix Mimas which I currently own. I sold the 3.3's many years ago but since you like them the hybrid Mimas would be a great choice. Good Luck!