Suggestions for an Integrated Amp $400

I'm interested in any ideas or thoughts on an integrated stereo amp that can drive my 4 ohm, 94db speakers (ADS L710). I've researched several but am confused with all the options available. It would also be nice if it was a modern design as I'll be running the following into it. Tuner, DVD audio, SACD / CD, computer audio Outs, & Ipod. My budget tops out at $400 & used would be fine. No phono is fine as I have no vinyl.
Two low cost int amps I've seen and heard are the Glow audio tubed amp and the Jolida Fx-10. Both look distinctive and sound pretty good -- espec if using high sensitivity speakers.
Check the classifieds for used NAD,Rotel,Cambridge Audio,Marantz,etc. Lots of good deals out there. Good luck and happy New Year.
MAC 1900 rcv- no brainer . I have one I'm looking to move

I saw this ad on A-goN yesterday. $345 for the Arcam Alpha 10 is a great deal. I owned one a few years ago and thought it was excellent.

No relationship with the seller. Just passing on what I thought was a great deal.


I echo the Arcam idea. I'd stay away from Rotel as I've not enjoyed my experiences with them.

I thought you wanted tubed amp ideas hence my earlier suggestions.
Please buy the Arcam referenced above by Reubent before temptation overwhelms me. That is a super deal if in the stated condition.
I have no use for it or it would be gone already.
The Onkyo A-9555 is an exceptionally nice amp for the money and is available refurbished at
accessories4less for $400. It's built in Japan and the build quality is better than anything I've seen at anywhere near the price.
Gosh I didn't realize the Arcam Alpha 10 can be had for that kind of price these days. I have owned this integrated, and although I didn't have much high impressions on this unit at this price I would say go for it. Another alternative is a Rega Brio3. Equally stunning integrated but doesn't come with a remote.
Well I tried getting the Aracam Alpha 10, but I was a day late & a dollar short. I really like what I read on the older Creeks, but not sure if they can drive these speakers? Thanks for your insights gentlemen.
If you can stretch your budget by $99, I don't think that you can beat the Peachtree Decco. Good amp - should work well w/ 94db speakers. Great DAC. I have one in my office at work and think that it sounds great, especially for $499. You might be able to find a used one here for $400 or so.

Decco Brochure PDF

Peachtree Audio Decco - Buy