Suggestions for an AV receiver with phono input.

Limited budget say $1200 or less. Emphasis on audio quality over Video features. So far a used Rotel RSX-965 seems the best I've been able to find. Thanks.
Denon makes nice ones... I have an older one, don't know current models.
Try the Outlaw 450, can't remember it's replacement. I think one of them had a built in phono stage.
Try a used Pioneer VSX 56TXi or VSX 59TXI.Both upconvert to component video,have outstanding MOSFET amps(unlike their current models),Have analog direct bypass modes and decent phono stages.These are among the few receivers that I have been able to listen to in 2 channel.I currently own both.You can pick up a nice 56 TXI for about $600(2005 MSRP-$1700) or a 59 TXI for around $1200(2005 MSRP-$4500).
Outlaw does have Phono input, very good reviews and I think it is $600
Thanks for the replies. Hopefully I will get a chance to listen at least one of these suggestions. I think I'm going to be buying a pair of B&W 603 s3. I liked the sound of them with Rotel. Just wanted to see what else was out there. I really haven't upgraded my system in fifteen years. I've made changes but mostly laterally as I moved away from Lps and towards home theater. Looking forward to bringing my old LP12 out of retirement.