Suggestions for an Amp and/or Preamp.

I need some suggestions for an Amp and or Preamp. My budget is $4000. I read a lot on this forum and know there is a plethora of so called experts on here, I need your help!!!. I’m a newbie and not an expert in any way. I basically have garbage equipment compared to most of you out there. I only want to listen to vinyl with this system. I have a small collection of around 500 albums that continues to grow. I really liked some speakers I heard and found them at a very great price on the secondary market. The speakers are Martin Logan’s Ascent i. Also, I found an Innersound E300 amp for sale and am wondering what’s a good price for this and if it’s a good match for my speakers. At some point I will replace my turntable too but wanted focus on the amp and or preamp first.
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I'm happy owner of MyTek preamp for the past several years. 
Excellent digital and analogue sections and great headphone jack.
The only downside there's only one analogue input, but I only have 2 turntables connected to the same phonostage with input select, so one analog input is plenty enough. 
For amplification I'd strongly suggest this product:
you will never go wrong with that. Good luck!
My experience with Innersound and Sanders/Coda amps is that they are very powerful, silent, cold-running (temperature) but also cold sounding.

Recommend you get something juicy for a pre. Maybe a used CJ ? The PV 14s might do the trick. Little noisy though.

You may want to consider the Linn Klimax Kontrol preamplifier. It's a great one and within your budget used. I've been playing one for the last few months and am very pleased with it's performance.  
What you want is a dealer to help you discover what you like, then work towards that. Where are you located?
Check out Raven Audio. 45 day return policy. The Blackhawk is interesting and in your budget. I have not heard them but would definitely consider them. Its an integrated amp. Pay no attention to the low wattage. Wattage is misleading. For separates, try Tubes4hifi. SP14 preamp & ST-45 or ST-60 amp. Or try Don Sachs SP14 preamp. Its listed on T4H. Enjoy. BTW, I do have the ST-70. Its much better than its price 8indicates.