Suggestions for an amp

It has been suggested that I should look at a different amp to get the best sound out of my speakers. 
I have a Yamaha Aventage RX-A830. Front speakers are Monitor Audio Silver 8. 
I am mostly interested in something to provide the best sound while listening to music but also be decent for HT. I have an Orbit with a Grado Black 1 cartridge for vinyl. 
I am not looking at spending a ton of money and will definitely consider used (I am looking at several on this site). 
Many thanks!
Are you looking for a replacement receiver?  Or an external amplifier to connect to the Yamaha preamp outputs?

Those monitor audio Silver 8 will drop down to pretty low impedance in some areas of the bass/midbass.  If you wanted a different receiver, try to get the biggest heaviest receiver possible.  Maybe used if it's in your price range, like a used Yamaha RX-A3060 or something.  Denon has large receivers as well. 

Ultimately, you might be better getting a dedicated amp with a big power supply to drive those Monitor Audio.  It's going to perform much better than any receiver.  Maybe Emotiva if your budget is low.  Or look into an Odysse Audio amp.

I am probably leaning towards a receiver in my case.

What do you think about these:
Denon AVR 4100W
Pioneer Elite SC-07
Pioneer Elite SC-27

Thanks again
Also found a emotive upa 700 and a umc 200 to pair with it on ebay
I assume this setup is also a home theater rig?  Your speakers demand more than a HT receiver, PERIOD.  My recommendation would be to buy an integrated amplifier with a home theater bypass so you can continue to use your receiver for surround stuff but only have the stereo integrated in the loop when listening to more critical 2-channel recordings.  You change between HT and stereo with the push of one button (yes, you heard me right -- one button).  I'd HIGHLY recommend you stick a crowbar in your wallet and buy the Hegel H160 available used here now for $1600 (retail new is $3500).  You seriously won't believe how good your Silver 8s will sound, and you can go on right ahead using your RXA830 for HT.  Don't let the potential of your excellent MA speakers largely go to waste with another AVR. 
+1 @soix.
You definitely have to get a stereo integrated amp with HT bypass, even the ones that has no HT bypass feature you can always use a stereo analog audio input on the stereo integrated amp and set the volume at 80 out of 100. 80 is usually a reference for unity gain necessary for HT bypass mode.

If you need a built-in DAC in the stereo integrated amp I would highly recommend either the Rotel RA-1592 ($2500) or the new Parasound Halo Integrated ($2500 to $3k). They both have good quality sounding DAC especially for the money.
With these stereo integrated amps, not only you get much better quality amplifier section for your main front L/R speakers but you also get much better quality stereo preamp and DAC as well. For stereo music playbacks these integrated amps will sound way better than your Yamaha receiver or any receivers period.
I forgot to mention Musical Fidelity M5si stereo integrated amp ($2k) and the M6si stereo integrated amp ($3k). I highly recommend them for your Monitor Audio Silver 8 speakers. They both have USB assycrhinious DAC inputs that you can connect from your computer or NAS, etc.
These integrateds do not have a specific HT bypass input but you can use its aux analog audio input and set the volume at 80 for unity gain. 
Unity gain is basically the same as HT bypass mode. 

The Rotel RA-1592 stereo integrated amp that I also recommended to you earlier also does not have a specific HT bypass input, but you can use the aux analog audio input and set the volume at 80 and save the setting. Rotel will let you save your setting for unity gain or HT bypass input. So every time you select this input the volume on the Rotel will be disabled and fixed at 80.
So, for surround sound movies or HT use you simply control the volume and everything from your Yamaha receiver and the analog audio signal from your Yamaha receiver's front L/R channels pre-out will be routed directly to the power amplifier section of the Rotel RA-1592 integrated amp to drive your Monitor Audio Silver 8 front speakers. 

By the way, are you only doing stereo setup or surrounds (multi-channels)? 
If you're only doing stereo setup you don't even need the Yamaha receiver. You can sell it and get one of the stereo integrated amps recommended above. 
The Hegel stereo integrated that was recommended by soix is phenomenal. 
Thanks...would a Marantz PM8005 or 8006 do the trick. I've seen several reasonably priced
No, I wouldn’t get the Marantz PM8005 or 8006. Actually, the Hegel H160 stereo integrated amp that was suggested by soix earlier is currently for sale here on Audiogon for $1600. You should definitely grab it. Highly recommended! First, I didn’t realize if the Hegel H160 has digital inputs thus has built-in DAC and it has a dedicated HT bypass input as well.
Do not hesitate to buy it.

By the way, are you only doing stereo setup or multi-channels or surround setup?

Agreed, that's why I suggested putting in a big amp.  When I suggested Emotiva, I was really thinking of the bigger XPA amps that they have.  That UPA 700 is somewhat weak in the power supply department.

Yeah, the Hegel H160 would be absolutely awesome to drive those Monitor Silver 8.  It does include a pretty good digital DAC, but it does not have a phono input (so you would need a separate phono preamp).

The Parasound Integrated is going to be a warmer amp with not as much high frequency detail/air, but you might want this with those bright Silver 8 tweeters.  However, the Parasound Integrated includes a phono input as well as a bass management crossover system.

The Marantz are nice, but they aren't that big of a power supply (only 70 watts / channel) and they are going to sound warm/slow like the Parasound.

Otherwise, I have a couple of Emotiva XPA-1L 250 watt monoblock amps that I have not put up for sale yet for $650 plus shipping (or $850 loaded with Furutech rhodium fuses).

As the other guys are alluding to, you probably want something more than the Marantz.  The Silver 8s drop to 3.5 Ohms in the midrange, which is not uncommon, but the P8006 puts out 70wpc and only rises to 100wpc into 4 Ohms indicating the power supply is probably not be up to driving your speakers fully.  It only weighs 26 pounds, so these limitations make sense.  By contrast, the Hegel weighs 42 pounds and puts out 150wpc into 8 Ohms and 250 into 4 that your Silver 8s could surely make good use of.  $1600 is a very nice deal on this amp, and you'll thank us once you hear it with your speakers.  
LOL...I'm definitely going to see if I can swing it...

Don't think I mentioned in the beginning...I actually picked these up at a consignment shop beyond reasonably priced. I think people thought the speakers did not work because the links were missing.

They were going to replace my B&W DM640i's that I have had for 25 years. I am guessing if I hooked these up to the Hegel they would take on a new life as well.
I own an Anthem MRX710. I picked it up for $900.00 It is SWEET. It delivers more detail than I had hoped for. Look for one! Good luck Joe
Musical Fidelity M3si will give you more than enough power and a great sounding DAC. If you can swing it go for M5si although you don't need it.
Does the Yamaha sound bad? If you kept it, maybe pick up a used Parasound HCA1200ii - I just saw one on that list site by me for like $500. Then use your Yamaha to run all the surround speakers and the Parasound to run the Monitors. Then you can take the money you save and get an REL subwoofer. The new 12" home theater subs are pretty reasonable...
Just another option, not saying it is the best one.

The Music Fidelity M3si is a fine piece, but it is a little light in the power supply for these specific speakers.  I'm sure it would work fine, but the M5si would be a better choice. 

Both the M5si and Hegel H160 are about in the same price and league.  Music Fidelity is going to be very smooth and refined, but soft, however very smooth and pleasant to listen to.  The Hegel is going to be highly detailed and revealing, more air and resolution.  It depends on what you think you want.  My own personal tastes go towards the detailed/resolution side.

How about the Parasound a23 Halo? 
I see several listed here as well. Seems to have the power needed. 
My experience also says not to mess around with lower end amplifiers.  Seems like a lot of good advice in this thread.  I tried three “budget” options before getting a Levinson 333 from this site.  It’s a good place to really spend enough to know you have the best option for your system.

The Parasound Halo A23 is a stereo power amp, not a stereo integrated amp. If you get the A23, you will still end up using your Yamaha receiver as a preamp and DAC. You will need a good quality stereo integrated amp such as the Hegel H160, Musical Fidelity M5si, M6si, Rotel RA-1592, Parasound Halo Integrated, etc.

Well, it's all about budget.  We are suggesting that the OP pay a lot more than he is willing.  If he wants to, great!  But budget is always a constraint.  Parasound A23 is okay, but be aware that it's on the warm side.  And yes, you still need to use the receiver as a preamp. 
For me the best: Esoteric f-05,  Mark Levinson 585 ,tube :Jadis DA 88. 
Those are great but at different price points than the OP is willing to pay. 

I run a Denon AVR-X4000 (a few years old) through a Parasound P5 pre-amp w/HT bypass and B&K EX-442 Sonata amp that puts 350 wpc through my 4 ohm Maggie MMGs.  The P5 also has an MM/MC phono stage.
Works quite nicely for both my HT and 2.1 channel listening. 
You could pick up a 442 and P5 for under a grand like I did - both in mint condition.
Problem solved. 
Silver 8s are not that difficult a load for a decent amp. I drove a pair with a Yamaha A-S500 - more power than you should ever need with those speakers, and that amp bested a $3500 Rogue Pharaoh in bass performance. Get a Yamaha A-S801, used A-S1000, or Outlaw RR2160. The Outlaw has to be the absolute best value going in modern integrateds, if you can get past its unconventional looks.
Thanks everyone for the help. As caphill said, some of these may be a bit higher than I was thinking about. Since I am new to this level of equipment, I'd like to summarize what I think you are all educating me on:

One advantage of an integrated amp over an AVR is the absence of all the processing. With the integrated amp I will get a cleaner more accurate rendering of the recording. I would be able to connect it with my existing AVR when I want to use the Monitor Audio's in my surround system. Is this pretty accurate?

I am assuming the "pure direct" option on the AVR doesn't bring it anywhere near the level of the integrated amp option though Yamaha claims it bypasses all the various other sound options available on the AVR and the associated noises.

Here is where I still have some confusion. The manufacturer specs say the speakers are rated for 40 - 175 watts RMS @ 6 ohms.

Why wouldn't some of the lesser cost amps drive them well.
The Musical Fidelity M3si is rated at 85 wrms.
The Cambridge Audio Azur 840a V2 is at 120 wrms. I also looked at the Outlaw suggested earlier and a Cambridge Audio CXA60. These are all priced more comfortably for me and fit well within the range suggested by Monitor Audio.
I don't listen to my music terribly loud...what is the advantage of going to the much more powerful amps suggested?
Again, thanks for helping out a novice.

The suggestions for integrated are really if you have separate sources (such as a dedicated DAC and/or turntable).  In that situation, an integrated would do better because of the superior preamp in the integrated.

If you are going to use the Yamaha receiver as the source for all music listening, then an "Integrated" may not really help because the sound is still generated by the Yamaha receiver "DAC" and still goes through the Yamaha "preamp circuits".  If you are doing this, your best bet is to just get an external amp and connect it to the "preamp outputs" of the Yamaha receiver.

With an integrated, you are paying for both a "preamp" and an "amplifier".  A straight dedicated amplifier would be cheaper and allow you to focus on finding a more powerful amp.

The Cambride 850A integrated is a very nice integrated - maybe not quite as nice as Hegel, but a very refined sound.  And not as powerful as Hegel.  But like I said, if you still use the Yamaha receiver as your primary DAC/preamp, I would not bother getting an integrated.

The "Pure Direct" mode in receivers is somewhat more of a marketing thing.  It does bypass all the "processing" stages, which include EQ and crossover/bass management.  However, in the Yamaha receivers I have tested, it actually sound better with Pure Direct turned off.  I think it goes through one more set of preamps and create a fuller/smoother sound.  The "Pure Direct" mode was thin sounding and very sterile / solid-state sounding.  Just my opinion.

Soooooo. if you are going to still use the Yamaha receiver as DAC and preamp for all music listening, then start looking for a nice high current amplifier.   The Parasound A23 is nice, but a little light on brute force and will be on the warm side of neutral with soft high frequency response.  Something like my Emotiva's I mentioned above would be faster and higher resolution, or an Emotiva SA-250 on Audiogon.  Wyred 4 Sound SX500 if you want the clean Class D type sound.


My plan was to use the integrated to bypass the HT. 
I would be listening to vinyl and probably CD’s through the integrated and movies/cable with the HT. 
Even though the Hegel seems to be a very good deal at $ is simply more than I planned on spending at this time. 
I've had good luck with Marantz 5012 using two channels per side to biamp a pair of Monitor Audio Silver RX-6s. Was surprised at how the second channel per side solidified the lower end.  Was worried the power supply was not up to the task

The Cambridge Audio Azur 840a V2 will likely do better than your Yamaha receiver.

There's a Krell S-300i integrated amp I would look at on usaudiomart for $899   (NOT the KAV-300i one -- that's older).  The Krell makes nice stuff.  The S-300i is 150 watts/channel.  It is likely this is the closest that we can come to the Hegel sound quality / sonic signature.

Cambridge CXA60 is too small for Monitor Silver speakers, in my opinion.  Sort of same with the M3si.

A NOTE: none of these integrateds will have a phono preamp built in, so you will have to get a separate phono preamp for your turntable, unless you already have one.  The only integrated I know of that does include a phono input is the Parasound Integrated, which typically goes for more than the Hegel anyways.

Your best bet will be the Hegel H160 currently for sale here for $1600. This unit normally retails for around $3500. 
You should grab it while it's still available. 

There are however good sounding av receivers for stereo music such as the Cambridge CXR-200, NAD T787, NAD T777 V3, Arcam AVR850, AVR550, Rotel RAP-1580 but good quality stereo integrated amps such as the Hegel H160 or MF M6si or M5si will sound better.
"Even though the Hegel seems to be a very good deal at $ is simply more than I planned on spending at this time."

HA HA HA HAAAAAA!!!  Dude, you're at ground zero of "more than I planned on spending" here.  People should have to sign a waiver about spending more than they want before even being allowed to enter this site. 

Inline with that, we're not subtly pushing you toward the Hegel here mainly because it's a significant step up from everything else you're considering, and your speakers are good enough to let you enjoy the benefits of that.  Yeah it may be a few hundred dollars or more than some other options you're considering, but you're getting a helluva return on that relatively small incremental cash outlay.  Honestly, are the incremental hundreds going to impinge on your life that much?

Anyway, if you're hell bent on resisting our best efforts, of the other options you're considering I'd go with the Outlaw RR2160.  It's a relatively refined piece for the price, and it offers a HT bypass, DAC, and phono input -- all of which you'd seem to be able to make use of (the Azur has neither a DAC nor phono input).  And it's 800 bucks cheaper than the H160 here.  All I can say is you better have something pretty damn awesome to do with that $800 because you're leaving a boatload of audio performance on the table IMHO. 

Sorry for being so wishy washy and indirect here, but there it is.  Best of luck in whatever you choose. 
Thanks everyone...I have some good info to go forward with.
If you dare, please let us know whatever you decide and how it works out. 
LOL...I will...I just happen to have too many expensive hobbies and just added this one.
To one of the previous responses...I do have an Orbit Turntable that will be attached to whichever integrated amp that I chose.

Can I ask how much you got the speakers for?
$250. Thought it was a great price. 
I’ve found a Peachtree nova 150 that seems to have the power needed and some nice features. Any of you have experience with them? Cost $1000
See if you can get an anthem amp I had the 225i and it drove my KEF ls50 with supreme authority.  Great combo.

Peachtree Nova 150 is a Class D integrated.  There are two camps with Class D, as some people love it and others do not.  It would be educational to read Erik's latest Class D thread (they are all much the same):

That being said, The Nova will probably be just fine to drive those Silver 8.

D2. I read up on the anthem and it looks great as well. I did not see an ht bypass or unity gain feature listed. Is it capable of that function easily?
Not sure about unity gain but it does have HT bypass.
I did end up getting the Peachtree Nova 150 and set everything up last night. It all sounds phenomenal. I appreciate everyone's help in this!