Suggestions for amp to go with MX122

Mcintosh MX122 is on the way looking for amp suggestions to use thinking 7 channel mono price help please.
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I would say the most obvious choice would be a MC8207 if you are using it for HT. They are made to work and look great together. I have never had a problem with mine in my HT system.
Amp budget is currently about 3k I was thinking Monolith 7x200 any thoughts?
I don't know much about the Monoprice amp but will warn you against a couple of multichannel Mc amps that may come up in your search. Keep away from the 7106 and 7108. The 7106 was the worst sounding amp to ever cross my doorway. 

If you're willing to purchase used and aren't too hung up on logos, the Emotiva IPS-1 is a great 7 channel unit. Well built, fantastic value. You could probably find one for $800 these days.