Suggestions for a'vintage' amplifier

I just recently purchased, second hand, a Mitsubishi DA-A10DC power amplifier. I currently have a Kenwood Basic Model C-1 pre-amp that I heve tried this amp with (speaker Royd Doublets). The amp is pretty dynamic and really sounds nice, but I like the Kenwood/Onkyo pair better (I have an Onkyo M-5130 amp also).

If anybody has heard the Mitsu amp, I would like some recommmendations for a pre-amp to match it.

How about an Apt Holman preamp? That was a pretty good one for its time. Not too expensive.
used spectral dmc 6 for about 600 has a good phono section...good preamp; owned one for a few years but use tubes now
I use a Threshold SL-10 preamp with the Mitsubishi, very nice. Both are the same vintage.