Suggestions for a tube integrated under $3000

Pairing with Reference 3A Veena

Considering Rogue Cronus magnum and Primaluna Dialogue 2
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The Rouge Tempest III is $2995.00 new and a lot better than the Cronus,IMHO.
Cayin makes good tube integrated amps in that price range.
A used Cary SLI-80
I'll second the Cary Sli-80 recommendation.

I had a Rogue Cronus - not the Magnum - and it is a great amp. It has a lot of fans and you can expect great service from Rogue. I had a Cary AES-25 amp at the same time and even though it was a little underpowered for my speakers compared to the Cronus I preferred the triode sweetness and musicality of the AES-25.

That experience led me to buy an Sli-80 and I couldn't be happier with it. I wouldn't try to talk you out of the Cronus but the Cary is worth a listen in comparison. No experience with the Primaluna.
I have heard the Cary SLi-80 on Reference 3A De Capo i's, and they were a very good match, but I preferred the Ayon Spirit II integrated runnning in the Triode mode...Very open, detailed and energetic, with lots of texture and 3-D soundstage.
Vincent V-60 now available on AG.
You can easily get an Ayon Spirit 2 used for that price... and if you bargain you can get an Ayon Spirit 3 new for very near that price.

The Ayon is a wonderful integrated
And put a pair of 5ar4's in place of the 5u4's at the rectifier position and this amp really opens up (more transparent with improved bass).

Some good recommendations already. Have you thought about something like the MastersounD KT88 or EL34 amps?
A real bargain would be the Aronov LS-960I if well maintained, and about $1200 pre-owned.
It has a most natural, musical character, together with the best ability to optimize bass accuracy and extension anywhere near this price range.
buying a Cayin or VAS is a must, great sound, great value. I own four of them, never a problem. Consider buying used if you can do a pick up, for cash.
There is only one I would buy new at that price - decware flagship - zen Torii mkiii. Amazing bang for the buck. Buying used I would look at CJ ca200 or Pass labs class A 30 watt integrated. I have a Simaudio i5.3SE I would sell for $2500
I've heard the SLi-80 and the Prologue II on those speakers . I much prefered the Primaluna over the Cary due to its better extension on the top .

Good luck
What kind of power do you need? I've been enjoying the heck out of a Melody MK88 which is 32 watts of class A power. Truth be told, I think I prefer it to the Decware Torii mk3 I owned before it.

I did a write up on it in the review section here.
I have a Rogue Tempest 3 and I love it. It sounds like it costs a lot more than 3k and as a bonus it is engineered AND built in the USA and Rogue customer service is second to none.
Have had two Pathos integrateds for a few years now. I'm mono-blocking them with Sonus Faber Cremora M speakers and have been very happy with them. You wouldn't need two. I just prefer monoblocks. A very good integrated for the money, especially used.
You can read about Decware product in TONEAudio. People who listen to SOTA systems have given the head nod to Decware. Haven't heard of Melody. I tend to trust components that have been heard by ears I trust.
Agree with the Decware Zen Torii mkiii suggestion. Extremely well built with dual mono design and tube regulation. It has beautiful tone and real engaging presentation.
What about Tri of japan TRV35SE, Jolida 801, and Prima Luna prologue?