Suggestions for a transport under $1000

I just bought a modded Museatex Data DAC and am looking for a transport to go with it. I would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks.
You may want to try the Theta Data Basic. It is a great transport. The is someone on AGON selling one that has had the gear on the disc drawer updated by Theta last year. That has been the only issue those units have had. Better sounding than the PS Audio and that particular unit has Coax, AES/EBU and the St optical output. You won't find a better transport for the money.
I think a Rega Planet would work.
Try to find a Proceed cdd, very similar to the Mark Levinson No. 37. Same suspension mounted Phillips industrial transport, proprietary servo control and anti jitter circuit. Used 37's going for around 2k, Proceed around $800-1k.
Although Joey54 above probably has the best advice, I have heard tell that the Sony CDP-XA7ES makes a good transport. I have been trying to verify this with no luck yet. The only drawback is that it only has RCA and toslink digital outputs. However, perhaps with one of those glass toslink cables you might get excellent results?
I would stay away from Theta Data Basic II. If it fails, transport mechanism is no longer available. Mine failed shortly after I sold it (I was lucky, the new owner was not).

I would rather look for sth like Proceed CDD or Theta Jade - both servicable still.
Used Cal Audio Delta....
or, a kit that uses the same transport as the Levinson Reference CD transport..nice looking chassis and a top loader...this is a quality transport...