Suggestions for a tough room? Not a comedian, just have a non optimal listening space...

I’ve been lurking here for quite a while and want to thank the various members for the vast input they’ve contributed to my audiophilia over the years without knowing it. Sure, the trolls and shillers can be a pain, but overall, this community seems legitimately helpful to those who need it!
I’ll TRY to keep it brief.
The room in question has 10’ high ceilings, is roughly 13’ wide by 20’ long; it’s bufffed on the long walls by bookcases of media; the tile floors (on slab) are covered by thick rugs with padding; the short wall behind the current setup is 12’ of sliding glass doors, but the ET LFT-8bs I have on order (replacing Monitor Audio GR60s I’ve had and loved for 12 years) apparently love a highly reflective backwall, so that’s not going to be a problem (I assume). My bed is in the back right corner, creating a natural bass trap.
The main issue Is this: The short wall behind the speakers (left side) cuts in 45 degrees creating a 4’ hypotenuse into the space. Even worse, the same feature is on the same side behind the listener - but the rear one opens into a cavernous all-tile bathroom (echo chamber) and there is no door between, nor can I put one in. I’d wall it in if I could. I’m primarily a vinyl/ hi-res jazz listener (hard bop horns galore - which is why I loved the metal tweeters in my GR60s - I know! Sacrelidge!).
I know I’m being pre-emptive and should probably wait until I get the speakers set up next week, but I’d welcome any thoughts (aside from new equipment recommendations). Willing to redesign the room, move the bed to another room in the house if long walk set up seems best. I don’t think near-field will work with these speakers.. Anyone have a similar issue?
By the way, the walls are gray... 😎
Wait until you get your speakers. You may find that near field may be an option. See this article:KIH #58 - Close encounters | Darko.Audio

There are others here who'll eventually chime in who are deeply versed in room set up, but wait until you get your speakers and then report back as to what you hear because it's all academic until then.

All the best,
Interesting take, nonoise. I subscribe devoutly to the concept that less is more, as well as the idea that treating the listener is as valuable as treating the room. Nothing like a single malt scotch to clear the eustacian tubes and relax the mind for listening.
I’ll check back once they’re set up. Unless they meld perfectly in the room. Then, I’ll be listening. 
I have always had a nice system wedged into a not so perfect room and have settled on near field listening which has served me well. I have a good friend that runs the same speakers as mine with like components in a near perfect room and spend a lot of time listening to his system so I have a good sense of the differences between the setups and really don't feel the need to change. 
@nonoise , that is a great article and one I can really relate to.