Suggestions for a single source tube preamp.

I'd prefer made in the USA, but will consider all comers. Thanks.
Does this mean you only want one input and one output connector?

RCA or Balanced?


Passive or active?
What's your budget? For well built made in USA, look at Rogue Audio.
I only need one source input. If it has more, that's ok, but prefer a minimalist solution.

Budget? Anywhere from $200 to $1400. Used or New.
The AES AE-3 built by Cary Audio Designs in North Carolina is really nicely built with all point-to-point wiring. It has three inputs. The DJH Signature version is tube rectified and had the option of remote control.
The Dodd Audio Preamp is what i have in my system is American made and is a very good Pre-amp. The new model even has a variable gain knob to adjust the gain to match your amp/speakers/listening level. All models are made to order, so you just go to his site and give him a call.