Suggestions for a preamp with HT Passthrough

Hey guys, I tried asking this question on Amps/ Preamps forum, but did not get many responses. Perhaps, posting this thread on the Home Theater forum would help.

I'm looking for suggestions for a remote controlled preamp in the $1,000 (used) range with the Home Theater pass-through feature. Two channel performance is very important to me. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Classe SSP-60 and SSP-75 are good contenders; there are many other as well...
I have a TAD 150 Signature that has HT Passthru and would heartily recommend. Search the archives for other reviews. Only available used and there's one listed on Agon for $789. There also another listed at $800, but it appears to be a non-signature model and if that's true the price is too high.
You might want to check out a used Modwright. Might be a little more on the used market but performs very well.
Adcom GFP-750. Stereophile class A, fully balanced or single ended, Neil Pass design. Owned one for years. Upgraded to another Neil Pass pre (Pass Labs X-1). Great sound well within your budget (used).