Suggestions for a power strip or conditioner?

I'm looking for a power strip or non current limiting conditioner that does not automatically send power to my tube amps after a power outage without manual intervention. Thanks!
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Not cheap but the PurePower+ 1500 regenerates power for my whole system and supplies battery backup for about 20 minutes. when power comes back on it automatically switches back to regeneration. This unit actual increased dynamic range from my system. Some people will bring up past issues with this manufacturer but I have had no problems
Running Springs Audio makes a great sounding Power
conditioner; the Dmitri or the Jaco, or if you like AC
regeneration, the Pure Power 2000 is excellent.
It sounds like you're not looking for power reconditioning. In that case the Brick Wall PW8R15AUD Surge Protector has 8 outlets with separate filtering on each duplex.

It's highly recommended by fellow members.
Thank you all for your responses. Yes Lowrider57 I am really looking for a surge protector rather than a conditioner.
I use a nice power conditioner I've had for years and can't mention the brand or model name because it's no longer hip and people get all upset with me if I say it works really well. There, wasn't that helpful?
Check out to see how many options there are.
They range from conditioners to power strips with AC line filtering.
I just ordered an Equitech Model Q balanced iso transformer over the usual suspect power conditioners (Shunyata, Audience, RSA). I think this is a better option than regeneration, but its really system dependent.