Suggestions for a new CD player.


I have an old Yamaha CD player (purchased at a mass market store) and it has problems playing some of my disks. It will skip around to other tracks on the disk. It only happens on 15% of the disks but it is driving me crazy.

I am willing to spend somewhere in the range of $500 to $700 for a CD player and I am looking for suggestions of what to consider.

I currently have a Marantz surround receiver and Wharfedale EVO 30 speakers.

I have had good luck with both a Music Hall CD-25 and a Rega Planet 2000. The Music Hall you can get new in your price range, and the Rega you can get used.
A used Jolida.
Sony 9000es..a true SACD classic that plays all format DVDs...about $600us used.
I recently bought a NAD c541i for about $400 - it sounded great. Then as I was doing some research I realized that the AMC CD-8b uses the same DAC (dual 96khz/24-bit Burr-Brown), while using a comparable (or better) Sony transport. (Actually, many cdp's use these same components.) So I bought a used AMC CD-8b for about $125 and found that it sounds at least as good as the NAD. I sold the NAD and am using the net $200 savings to buy more cds and vinyl! Incidentally, before buying the NAD I also auditioned the Arcam cd62 and the Cambridge Audio D500se. The AMC unit is right up there with all of these. Keep your eyes on the used market for the cd-8b! Or go to the AMC website ( and purchase a new, refurbished unit with full warranty for $175! I have no connection with AMC at all - just a satisfied customer. Good luck.
Sony 9000ES, Marantz DR17, CD17mk3 will be your choice playing Redbook CDs.
I have heard that Wadia makes a fairly good player for $700.00. Opps thats $7,000.00. Never mind.
How about the new Rotel. It won Absolute Sound Product of the year and is in your price range.