Suggestions For A Good USB Digital Cable

Just getting into computer audio and would like to hear some suggestions for a good USB cable. I was looking at the Kimber silver cables. Anyone have experience with them?
Used to like the WW Starlight Platinum but I sold it for the lower cost Cabledyne Silver which sounds better IMO.
If you live in the US, get in touch with "The Cable Company', ask their advice, borrow a selection from their library and listen.
I personally like the new Synergystic.
I purchased the Synergistic Research Active SE USB Cable and like it very much. I purchased it from my local retailer after listening to other cables.

I also agree with Detlof that you should call The Cable Company for USB cable information. You can also borrow several USB cables from their library and pick the one that sounds the best. They sell both new and used USB cables.