Suggestions For A Good USB Digital Cable

Just getting into computer audio and would like to hear some suggestions for a good USB cable. I was looking at the Kimber silver cables. Anyone have experience with them?
WireWorld has an excellent line of USB cables. I've been using their UltraViolet USB and it is wonderful. It was a very nice upgrade from a Belden Gold.

AudioQuest also has a well received line of USB cables. I'm getting some of the best sound from my system since moving to a basic computer based audio source. Good luck and have fun.
Used to like the WW Starlight Platinum but I sold it for the lower cost Cabledyne Silver which sounds better IMO.
If you live in the US, get in touch with "The Cable Company', ask their advice, borrow a selection from their library and listen.
I personally like the new Synergystic.
I purchased the Synergistic Research Active SE USB Cable and like it very much. I purchased it from my local retailer after listening to other cables.

I also agree with Detlof that you should call The Cable Company for USB cable information. You can also borrow several USB cables from their library and pick the one that sounds the best. They sell both new and used USB cables.
The Light Harmonic cable is fantastic. For a budget alternative, go with Mapleshade.
Another vote for Synergistic & The Cable Company: ( Used Tricons, here: (
Hello Sparky45,

How about the TUBULUS Argentus Black USB-cable. It has silver conductors with partially air insulation. The power conductor is isolated from the signals conductors and equipped with RF-filtering, which is unique!

Have a look at
I tried all the top of the line from Audioquest,Cardas, Wireworld & Synergistic Research. The Wireworld that all the critics love was not a match in my system, the less expensive Cardas was better. The Audioquest was very good but I felt that the Synergistic Research active USB was better & I purchased it. I recently tried the Light Harmonic split cable paired with the IFI USB power & I thought it was excellent and ended up selling the Synergistic Research. Everything I tried , I borrowed from the Cable Company who are great to deal with. Cables can be very system dependent so you should try several. What worked for me might not sound good in your system.
The Light Harmonic Lightspeed was a real game changer in my system. Upgraded to the Lightspeed from a WW Silver Starlight. Big improvements in bass, soundstage, imagining and clarity. YMMV.
I only tried a cheap USB in my system thus far, but picked up a Ridge Street Audio Designs Alethius reference USB cable on here in a 15ft run. I am looking forward to hearing what it brings to my system and see if music directly from my MacBook can compete with the CDP :-).