Suggestions for a good stereo preamp and amp

I have a pair of b&w 704s, which I have been driving with Rotel rsx 1057 for the last 7 yrs. My receiver is not working.I need to repair it with factory later. I also have a Rel T1 sub and Oppo bdp93. The speakers are 150w in 8 ohms. The rotel only had 75 watts/Ch, and I always thought I never did justice to the speakers. I still want to stay with 2.1 system,but need to move to separates.I do not have a very large budget, but may be able to spend up to 1500 dollars. I heard about Emotiva, but not totally sold on it.If some of my good friends who own a pair off b&w speakers can offer suggestions, that will be wonderful. This system is in the family room, not enclosed.
I would buy some pre and amp integrated. I think its better to link the same make in pre and amp. The gear you have, speakers and oppo are good. Maybe if you look for some of pass or first watt. The sound produced by Nelson Pass is warm, sweet and detailed.

You could find some Krell The Kav 300 is around $1500 dlls or maybe some of Mcintosh. I have seen some Krell and Mcintosh, here in Audiogon at that price.

Do you have any interest in trying tubes anywhere in the chain;in your case most likely I think would be pre-amp.
What kind of music do you like to listen to as well?
Mammen, At $1500 I would strongly recommend your considering an integrated amplifier. There are several in that price range, new or used, and likely represent greater sonic value and avoid the need for an interconnect. Am not famillar with your speakers so hesitant to recommend a particular model.