Suggestions for a good phono stage

I’m looking to upgrade my phono stage and would like some suggestions. Budget is around $2000. Would like an adjustable gain, but the noise floor is most important.

My stylus is the Sumiko Blackbird with a 2.5mV output mounted to an RB300 tone arm on a Thorens TD-850 turntable.

I'm running it through the phono stage of my Rogue Audio Metis preamp but the gain is too low compared to the line level inputs and is not adjustable. Plus I am not happy with the noise level of this built in phono stage. My amp is a Krell KAV-250 driving Martin Logan Ascents with a Musical Fidelity X-10v3 tube buffer in line.

My sights are on the Graham Slee Era Gold, Era Gold Reflex and and the SIM Audio LP-5.3. Any advice or recommendations?

Thanks in advance
I love my LP5.3. Dead quiet and buckets of gain.

Also some benefits with the matching power supply as well.
the ray samuel's battery powered nighthawk f-117 phono is garnering some great reviews and only costs $795 with a 30 day money back guarantee. check out the thread at audiocircle.
You could try using a step up transformer (SUT). It would require another set of interconnects, but could save you a lot of money overall.

I love my Jolida JD-9. Adjustable load and gain!
I second the recommendation for the Nighthawk, but would add that the price will become $795 on April 30th. Right now the intro price is $650 which is an effing steal.

Listening to it as I type this... Outrageously good.
I have not heard the Ray Samuels Nighthawk though I am a fan of his stuff. I do love my Simaudio LP5.3 with my VPI Classic and Benz Glider S LO.
HOMC is not overly rewarding if the phonostage cannot dial it in real close, been there. My experience with stages was below your budget, but a good match with the cartridge was a significant improvement.
I have found BOB'S Devices SUT to be very good, costs $395 and has very good resale if it doesn't suit you.
George Wright's AG Phono pre is great. If you live near Seattle feel free to borrow mine and see if you like it. I used it with many different cartridges--even the Denon 103R which is MC with 0.25 mv. I will be selling it eventually since I have a strain gauge set-up now. Good luck
Try the NAD PP-2. It is very cheap and very good. I am using one now. You can get it for 129 dollars brand new from It can be used with mc or mm cartridges and has plenty of gain. For the money u cant beat it. Its very quiet as well. I use it with my Naim Nait 5i and its very detailed. I think it will work with your sumiko cartridge.

I have heard the Blackbird through the Slee Era Gold V and the sound is great but I have preferred every low output MC that I have tried through the Elevator/Era Gold V.

The Blackbird/Era Gold V combo seemed to be just a touch shy on gain. I did try it out with the Elevator as well per a suggestion from a dealer but in that instance there was too much gain.

I really liked the Audio Technica AT33PTG which is around $400 I think through the Elevator/Era Gold V.

Long story short, the Blackbird/Era Gold V will work fine but I'll bet that it will send you further down the rabbit hole as it did for me.
Nagra BPS - arguably a new standard for a deal quiet noise floor. Just a superb phono stage!
Sheer Audio:MM Tube Phono Preamplifier;
$400.00 shipping included. I've owned one for 3 months and am continually amazed at the depth of soundstage, clarity of instruments and information that's available that my Cambridge Audio 640P didn't even HINT at.
The man I bought from is the designer and seller and offers EXECELLENT customer service.
Another fan of the Simaudio LP5.3.