Suggestions for a good 3 channel amp

I'm looking for a reasonably priced ($1000 max) simple 3 channel amp to drive a pair of Magnepan MGMC1s in a bedroom setting. 100 wats per channel (into 8 ohm) would be sufficient. The third channel would be for a small sub. Any suggestions or comments based on experience? BTW, the main use of this system would be for DVDs rather than music like my main system.
McCormack DNA HT-1
Get a powered sub and stick with a 2 channel amp.

Used Proceed Amp 3
Good idea Kal.
My thanks to each of you. You made me do some homework. Taking the advice of Kr4 I looked for 2 channel only in junction with my "standby powered sub" that is currently collecting dust in the closet. In the end I have decided to go with the Krell KAV 300i. There are three Krells in my main system and I've grown comfortable with their reliability and performance. At 150 WPC (into 8 ohms) the 300i is a bit of overkill for those small Maggies in the bedroom but if something should happen (heaven forbid) with one of the main system amps this little beast puts out 300 wpc into 4 ohms and could double as a temporary substitute for the main system. Again thanks to each of you for offering me some solid ideas - I didn't even know that Audio Refinement, Proceed or McCormack existed. Now I do.