Suggestions for a CDP that's

truly balanced with vol control. I've looked at AYON but I'm told they are on back-order. I looked at AMR but it's not truly balanced even though you can use XLR's. (pin 3 is not active).
What other choices are there?

Take a look at the EAR Acute 3.
Wadia. That's what I use they sound great with, and without a preamp.
Ancient Audio.
look into Accuphase.
McIntosh makes 3 SACD/CD players with volume and balanced outs. MCD201,301,500. the 500 is the best one it uses the Saberdac chipset. The 301 has a good transport but dosent sound near as good as the MCD500.
Thanks Mattmiller but I've heard McIntosh and don't care for their sound.
What is the rest of your system?
zd542 the rest of my system is as follows:

AZ Crescendo speakers
Atmasphere Novacron LE OTL amps
NVO SPA-II/2 (22 tubes) phono unit
Brinkmann Bardo TT with their 10.5 arm and EMT cartridge
VRE-1b pre-amp
Mixture of cables from PAD, Pranawire and Nanotec

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Resolution Audio Cantata, it is what I use and I have Atma-Sphere amps as well.

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It looks like you have a very nice line stage. There's a good chance that you may like the player better going through it. Not to mention the switching of cables you will have to do moving between the 2 sources.
Zd542 you are absolutely correct, the VRE-1b is more than a very nice line stage, it actually beat out my Kondo M1000 line stage which retailed at $95,000!
I've decided to get the new AMR CD-777SE which is due out in a few weeks time. Not a true balanced design but not a real issue.

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