Suggestions for a CDP

I would appreciate suggestions for a new CDP. My system consists of a Cary SEI300 and a pair of ProAc 1SC speakers. I listen mainly to classical and jazz and some vocal folk/pop. I would probabaly lean to an older Cary 300 or 301. Thanks for your input. Dave
What is your budget?
In looking at your past threads, you have asked this question before in many different ways....did you not like the suggestions that were offered ?
Budget aside... I think a person is hard pressed to surpass the Sony xa 777es. About a grand used. The newer version, the 9000 isn't bad either. Just not the same, but about twice as much roughly.
Your right. I have asked that same question, it may be a spring thing.
Get a modded CDP or universal player. Much better bang for the buck!