Suggestions for a cd player/transport

I am looking for a used CD player. Looking to spend between 2000 and 2500. I am currently running a Mcintosh mc275 amp, c220 preamp, California Audio Labs CL-15, and B & W matrix 805's with a Rel Strata Sub. My current player sounds a little on the bright side with my setup. I would also like SACD capability. Any suggestions?
The Esoterics are probably the best of the lot if you need SACD capability. Several models to chose from use din your price range or lower.

The Sony SCD-1, SCD-777ES and DVP-9000es can also be modified to outstanding perfomance (VSE mods)

Thanks Jeff
I think I will keep what I have
You did mention your budget is 2000.00, however, the new PS Audio Perfectwave transport and is a true bargain for 4000.00 with trade in.
This a wonderful sounding device and is fully loaded.
We pay 4000.00 ICs.
PSaudio PerfectWave CD & Transport will have your jaw dropping in disbelief. It really is quite remarkable. I have one for sale Brand New for $2299. I paid $3000. and it comes with three year warranty. I am absolutely sold on the PSaudio PerfectWave. it just hard to find the words to describe and I was not a fan of PSaudio at all till I heard this.I auditioned the setup at CES in Vegas this year first week in january. Blown away is all I can tell you. Give it a shot audition it.