Suggestions for a CD player to match Odyssey Amp

I just ordered a Khartago amp from Klaus at Oddyssey Audio. It will be a custom Khartago with an upgraded power supply, caps, etc. This amp will match the sonic performance of a Stratos plus. I need information about matching components to this amp.
I will be using it for digital music. The specs of this amp are as follows 110 watts per channel, 30 amps, 120,000uf, frequency range 2 to 400,00 htz.
Any thoughts would be great.
I have a Denon DCD 3520 cd player that I have not been able to evaluate because I have no other gear, everything has been sold to restart.
Wadia, with volume control any model best most neutral digital around... I use it with Khartago mono's, which run 120 amps of current each, 120,000 mf each, and plinith transformers. But unfortunatly the Wadia will run you about Double the cost of your khartago new and thats used wadia pricing!

But honestly depending on your speakers, I highly suggest trying a CD direct into the amp first without buying it, Mainly because I believe you will get better results with a full fledged pre-amp in the system, it will most likely sound a little thin and lite on the bass. I use a Mcintosh Preamp between my Wadia and Mono's, and it has Tone controls because my speakers do not reach super low and need a little Equalization in my large room. So I feel you might get a little dry sound without a preamp.
Thanks for the advice. I was planning on getting a preamp. Maybe an etasian, but wanted to get others ideas considering the differance between a active and passive preamp.
It sounds like the amp that i ordered is the same set up as yours but it is a 2 channel version. How does the Khartago compare to other amps that you have had?
Very good amp, for the money no doubt an excellent value.. I have had, Threshold, forte, sunfire, mccormack, ps audio, Rougue tube mono's, Cary tube, Classe, a few others, including the newest Denon type surround receivers, and Onkyo, by far these are the most versitile for my use and type of music, basically they are incredibly built and extremly simple design, all high quality parts, really not to many corners cut, they stay completly cold to the touch in general, but MUST be on the floor(wood) or an amp stand to be at room temprature, but will stay there even driving hard bass for hours, If you put the khartago in a cabinet it will get fairly warm, but not as bad as the above amps I have owned, even the Forte, threshold, Ps audio, all the tubes will get Hot like a Class A' type amp on the floor, but the khartago's never break a sweat.

Down to the sound, well it is the best in dynamic punch, with very smooth sonic signature(some will call it Dark) but I use very high efficiency speakers so it never has a problem with that, but for the first month it will sound Pretty DRY, and the bass will not be what it should right away either, but once those caps get a solid kick for a few sessions it will open up, I would literally use some very intense type Rock music or something to drive them pretty hard and they will start to transform, These amps do not like you to take it easy on them at all, For example my Wadia puts 4 volts out, vs. the standard CD players running 2 volts, and my Mcintosh preamp runs up to about 8 volts out, which is more than my last preamp that threw about 4 volts at them, and they eat it up!! no way can you overdrive the inputs of these amps, I have had crazy levels running, With 30 hz Bass boosted on the mcintosh controller and nothing came close to breaking lose, I account this to the fact they are Extremly high Current amplifiers, so absolute control is key factor with them, and by the way running bass boosted like that into any amp makes them work Double hard and these have no Hickups doing it, so for the money I stay with Odyssey for now and put the extra few grand you could have into amps into the CD first and foremost, Speakers and Preamp a close second.
Thanks, that makes me feel great about my choice. I was a little unsure, had my heart set on the Stratos Plus, a PS Audio HCA-2, a McCormack DNA, or outlaw monoblocks. Your Experience with many of these products puts my mind at ease. I still think I should have gone for the Stratos. I saved a few bucks that can be spent on getting the rig up and running, but have been second guessing my choice ever since.
Well if you have the upgrades to 120,000 mf then it is a Stratos Plus in a khartago cabinet, but not sure of the config you got, it is the exact same board, only difference is with the stratos is the cabinet has no Holes in it because the whole case is a Heatsink. Try it out if you are not completly happy in a month or so simply have klaus upgrade you for very little money, he will do it don't worry.

I had an older PS audio AB amp, not a Digital like the HCA-2, I have heard good and bad about them, mostly that they are great if you drop in some upgrades aftermarket, Honestly try this amp and exactly do that, take the savings and Put elsewhere in the system, Amps are very much the least you should worry about Vs. Speakers and CD player definatly, especially in this grouping of decent amps it will be a matter of taste or flavor you are looking for.
CD player I use AH 4000 Njoe Tjoeb,If you want
more Get the Sony 9000es Bon Mod, from Modwright.
This players are both musical.Good Luck