Suggestions for a cartridge/head for a JVC QL-Y5F

I am looking for suggestions for a cartridge or cartridge/head for my JVC Quartz Lock Direct Drive QL-Y5F. I have owned this since new and replaced the needle/cartridge some 15 years ago. I have been playing digital since (CDs etc) but have now dusted the player off and am looking for a semi-decent needle replacement. The current one is a Z-1 EB in the original JVC head on the original J arm.

Failing any reasonable suggestions, I'll look for a new player. Thanks.

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Don't sell your JVC TT! It is a good sounding player! I recommend buying the latest production Grado MI cartridge - $100 to $200. That and a careful setup will give you much pleasure listening to LP's!
@roberjerman Thanks for your post. It is a good player and i am reluctant to replace it. I'll visit my usual HiFi shop and see if they can get one in (if recommended). They will recommend something in their shop.cheers, Adrian
I purchased a JVC direct drive turntable back in 1979 and it was one of the best turntables I ever owned.  To this day I regret selling it.  I ran mine with a Shure V15 type 3 mm cartridge.
+1 for The QL-Y5F  , I had one , of the at least 50 TT's I've had in last 50
years  it  was one of the best ,

The Grado is a good choice for acoustic music , a better choice for all kinds of music is a Nagoka MP-110 or 150 .