Suggestions for $2k budget

Greetings, and I hope you are all well.
Looking for speaker advice on a $2k budget. Used or new, tower or bookshelf, doesn't matter. I'm about a year into my audiophile journey and am about to buy a house with a small to medium sized space I'll be using as a listening room. I listen to mostly rock/electronic 
I respect your opinions very much, would be very grateful for any tips!
Thank you,
I second Fritz Speakers for a bookshelf.
 I bought a pair of Fyne F501 from Gene Rubin in CA and I am very happy with them. I switched from Magnepan because I need an overall cohesive speaker from high to low and Fyne definitely do that very well.  I also noticed they have 502 special edition that borrow a lot from the 700 series with a lower price tag. Good luck!
2K is a great budget to start off in hifi with speakers. Like you i listen to mostly rock/electronic. For your smaller/medium space I would go with a smaller floorstanding speaker. 

  • Monitor Audio Sliver 200/300 if you want to use all of that budget.
  • However, you can save quite a deal of money if you find an older used model. I just setup a system for friend with a Monitor Audio RS6 (which I bought on craigslist for $400) and they just sound fantastic with an NAD stereo amp. I was actually shocked how good they sound for the money spent.
My Spatial M4 Turbo S do electronic music well (all music), not too fussy with room placement either.  Sometimes i wish for a little more low end bass but very good value for money.
  1. Elac Adante bookshelf speakers. Do not believe you can beat the sound of these speakers they sound WAY above their price point. Good Luck