Suggestions for 220v amp

Hello all,

I am spending some time living in belgium and I am hoping to pick up a pair of Maggie 1.6s next month and a nice amp or integrated amp for them. Problem is, of course, the 220v power.

I really like Krell amps and would be getting a 300i/il if I could choose, but as far as I know they don't make a 220v version.

So any suggestions for something like the Krells in the 1500.00 range that comes in a 220v version??

Thanks all,
Think of buying the amp in Europe. There are many nice integrateds from British and French companies that should fit your budget and that were built with 220 (actually 230 these days) Volts in mind. Avoid buying US gear in Europe becuase there is a ridiculous markup on any gear that crosses the Atlantic (it goes both ways, BTW). Look at brands like Creek, YBA, etc.
Or go hunt for used gear once you are in Belgium.
If you like a dynamic, punchy sound (apparently this is krell's forte) then look at Cyrus (British). If you get a Cyrus integrated amp with the optional PSX power supply then this would probably give you enough power. I used to own a Cyrus 2 and PSX and I thought it was great ... it was just too much power for a small room. The newer Cyrus amps are very modular to allow for easy expansion to bi and tri amping.
You might also look for amps by Naim and Audiolab (8000S).
In my experience, most manufacturers wind (or have wound) transformers to accomodate 220 or 110v operation - saves time and money for export purposes. You might try opening the chassis to see if there are a couple of extra wires on the primary of the power transformer. Typically, the power trans is wired in series for 220 and parallel for 110. There are some products that have a 110v/220v switch on the inside of the chassis for this reason. My guess is there is some simple way to make the conversion. (I purchased an audio note amp from the UK which I reverse wired from 220 to 110)

Good luck -
I am surprised that you can't find Krell amp in 220V. To my knowledge, Krell has distributor in Gremany and they have to have European voltage for the gear sold in this country. If you are sold on the sound of Krell, check market in Germany. I listened to a Krell system in store in Germany and it was authorised dealer.
I agree that in Europe you may be able to find better sounding amp ( we don't know about all manufacturers from Europe, only what is coming here). But, again, if you definitely want Krell, there should be 220V versions in Europe.

Note to Mbhcid. Some US Hi-End manufacturers don't use double wound transformers in components to prevent "gray" market around the world and they have to be build for the certain country originally.

Continue your search, Nathan.

There are 230 volt version for Krell, McIntosh, Mark Levinson, Bryston , and nearly every other US-amp you can think of. Problm is, the prices in Europe are outrageous for US-gear. Example: A McIntosh C2200 tube preamp costs 4500 $ in the US, but 7900 Euro = $ in Germany. In your place, I'd buy the Krell, or a McIntosh MA6500 or 6900 integrated and get it rewired at McIntosh or at Or buy a transformer. There is a thread, if not several, in the Audiogon-archive, ob dealing with European power etc.
Maggies like lots of power. Forget the Cyrus, Creek and YBAs. Man, I can't beleive the recommendations for these amps to match with the Maggies. I don't think the guys who had recommended those amps could have listened to the Maggies with them. Audition the McIntosh 6500, 6900, as well as the Bryston seperates. The Bryston 3B and the 4B SST models are power houses. These should be available in 220V in Europe. Your best bet for European high power amplifiers are the Meridian 559, 557 and the 556. No comparison in their driving capabilitis to those of the Creek, Cyrus or YBAs, particularly for the Maggies. The Meridians will also be on par with the Krell seperates in performance. Hope you will have a great experience auditioning these amplifiers.
Av_specialist ... the Cyrus amps have considerable current and voltage driving capability when the PSX power supply is added. I'd be really surprised if they are underpowered.
They also make monoblocks now which could never be called underpowered.

I suggested them because they're a great buy in Europe. Meridian might make good gear, but it's terribly expensive for what you get, IMHO
Actually the Maggies are very inefficient but very much just a resistive load and are not reactive as a load. They don't necessarily need super high current. The PSX provides higher current but not much more in voltage gain. The amplifiers I had mentioned would all have higher voltage output and are stable at 4 ohms.

I'm also looking for a 220V poweramp for my use in India. Bryston will modify their US amps for a nominal price, so you could consider that option, as I am. I would think that many other will do the same thing. Audio by Van Alstine( offers tha 20V option on their amps for an additional $55. There are a few, very few amps that come with a universal transformer suitable for both 220 and 110V.

Hope this helps.

Re: Spectral Power amps. for 220volts. Mine is 120v and I need to learn if they use double wound transformers or have a switch for European use. And if so can the change be done in the field?

(Will phone Spectral too).