Suggestions for 15 foot Bi-wire cable under $1K

This is for a high-resolution, low-volume office system where detail, clarity and transparency on exclusively classical music is the requirement. System: Jolida JD 100 Mod 1 with Amperex Bugle boy tubes (instead of so-so EH that Mod 1 from Underwood come with, Creek 5350 SE, Proac Response 1s (still playing with i/cs). Please recommend used 15 ft bi-wire s/cs at about $1K. All the silver nitch companies I've tried i/cs from - RSA, Pure Note, Pursang, Empress cost more than $1K to bi-wire, although I'm sure they'd all sound good. Any others?
1st option:
Check out VanDenHul CV125 bulk speaker wire on their web and take 60' which will yield approximately $400 if you will terminate them yourself.(Acquire crimping tool from parts-express $45).

2nd option:
Get Analysis Plus Theater 4 wire/cable that has 4 14AWG sranded and isolated wires inside one cable tube that will certainly fit your budget as well and will be quite "under-carpet friendly".
Try ELF Acoustics Silver Signature or on the cheap try a pair of Silver Surfer's.The Silver Signatures are $500 for a 12ft pair in which you would need two pair for biwire wich would take you to the 1K mark.I bet Ernest would give you 15ft for the price of 12ft.You could get two 15ft pair of Silver Surfer's for less than $500 probably.I have the Silver Signatures and they are terrific.

I also have the ProAc Response 1s, with an Audio Refinement Complete integrated. I'm using DH Labs Q10 shotgun bi-wire (four separate cables) and am extremely happy with the combination. I think an external bi-wire 15' setup would come in somewhat under your budget.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I have ended with Wireworld Eclipse 5 Gold 0.5 m i/cs, as stated, Amperex Bugle Boys in the JD 100, Signal source (red) PC and Mas Silver Signature 15 ft S/Cs biwired that came in at just more than half the $1K. Sounds great. Much more bloom and fullness with the bi-wire cables and the Mas are a real bargain. Any other high-profile bi-wires of 15 ft would have exceeded the budget. If I could have found a used pair of Poeima! biwired 15 ft, i would have jumped at it, but new was beyond budget.