suggestions cables for Andra by Eaglestoneworks

Any speaker cables preferences for Andra by Eaglestonworks speakers.I use this speakers with pair of monobloks by Accoustic Reality (600w per channel).
Thank you all.
Sounds like you have quite an awesome system. I too have speakers by EgglestonWorks, the Fontaines. These are the monitors which sit atop your Andra woofers. Personally, I do not believe all of the hype surrounding high-end cables: speaker, interconnect, or power. So I built my own: six CAT 5 cables twisted into one, with WBT-like connectors for each speaker. My reference for doing so is:

The version from the link above I did was DIY CAT 5 V3. For appearance I also used Tek-Flex and shrink wrap. Well under $100 for both sets. They sound fabulous and look spiff. You can see a section of one going to my speaker in this picture:

Even if you are not a DIYer, you might want to read the article anyway before spending your money.