Suggestions Amps/Preamp for the Aerial 20T

Recommendation & Suggestions preamp & SS mono Amps for the
Aerial 20T.

I actually just heard this system with the new Threshold equipment (Class A amps and a preamp) and was very impressed. Great depth, no fatigue, musical but clean. I'll find out what the model numbers are and follow-up.
I am running the 20 s on the Balanced Audio Technology 6200 with 2 200 w modules on each speaker . Aerial cc 5 and 10 ts for rear all are biamped the same way. 2 sw 12 subs round out multichannel system. The Meridian 861 is my preamp/processor. I have heard it on Levinson gear as well . The 20 t s are ruthlessly revealing of the downstream chain so audition each piece carefully. I ended up with Valhalla because of this very reason. I have the Classe Omega amp-pre combo in another system and intend to try the 20 s there in the near future. As for the sound of the 20 - Bat - meridian combo. It is breathtaking.
As an owner of the 10T's, I would suggest you check out the McCormack DNA-2 Revision A and Revision A gold aftermarket amps at

As Steve McCormack states at his website, the Rev A is neither tube sounding nore solid-state sounding.

To me the DNA-2 Revision A is like a 1000wpc tube amp (mid-range warmth, endless power, etc.) with the speed, articulation, and extreme bass control that only the very best solid states amps can offer.

The Revision A Gold is supposedly even better.