Suggestion? Usher Be-718 & Pass Labs INT-150

Hello all:

I was wonder if anyone can suggest speaker cables?
I have Usher Audio Be-718 driven by Pass Labs INT-150.
Any suggestion/input from anyone with same equipment would be awesome~

I feel my bare walls/hollow hardwood floor are making things worse, but my system sounds a bit bright+forward, low end feels loose.
I would like cables that would warm up/take edge off and focus my low end if possible.

My speaker can be bi-wire but current it is not. (I'm open)
I'm using SCL SJ-636B cryo'ed jumpers and NeoTech NS-2025 speaker cables, all on SCL cryo'ed power cables.
Excellent gear to start with, from your room description, more than new cables, have you addressed room treatments? That may make a bigger difference then new cables for your stated concerns.
I think Glen has a very strong point. You might be able to make quite a bit of difference with some good treatment in that room. I have purchased some of the GIK stuff and it's nicely priced and gets the job done well. If you call or email them with your room info they can offer an affordable solution. Best of luck!