Suggestion To The Moderators To Rid This Site Of Spam

The amount of movie etc. spam in the discussion forums is absurd to say nothing of ridiculously annoying. Here is a suggestion to stop this. Charge everyone a small sum to post, say $1-5. If anyone post spam, keep the money. If the moderators deems a post worthy, i.e. not spam, refund the cost of posting, say, once per week/month.

The above idea is not entirely original; Bill Gates once suggested charging everyone 1 cent to send an email. This would automatically disable the mass email spammers.
I think your idea is terrible. I post a lot here, never spam, so why should I be penalized?  It’s easier to alert the moderator or ignore it.  There already is a place here for people to pay to post.  It doesn’t need to fall into the mainstream part of this web site. 
What a terrible idea.  Do you have any idea of the legal and administrative costs involved in collecting and holding other people's money?  

The Audiogon Mods do an excellent job of cleaning up the pages for us after the over night spammers do their flooding. I don’t think we should make things any more difficult for them than it already must be. I’m sure if there is a spam delete solution available to Agon they will find it and implement.

The internet is advancing so quickly that it’s always an update situation for phpBBs and other forum formats to keep up with. Agon is pretty proactive in keeping the flow going. We are a thankful bunch Agon.


It would certainly seem likely that many, if not all of these spam posts are by new “members” so they could be controlled.  The solution that other sites use is first time posters have to have their posts reviewed by the admin prior to actually posting.  I know the Admin folks are seeing these since at least some of the spam posts were dead when I clicked on them, but still visible in the list of posts.  If they are not new members then a different approach may be necessary, but definitively not a pay as you post approach!
Why not let established members put bogus posts into "limbo" (remove from forum pending moderator review). Limbos can be tagged with user-ID of member so pranksters can be disciplined.
The SPAM seems to get cleaned up pretty quickly and there's not an overwhelming amount of it.  I just ignore it.  The proposed "solution" seems like more of a problem than the SPAM itself.
I'm with big_greg.
It's a lot of work for moderators to remove spam after the fact, and you see it if you are on the site at odd hours before they have had an opportunity to do so. I think there must be some good spam filters that work. I run a couple of web sites and the spam gets relegated to a folder, never appearing on the site, because users have to take more than one step to self-authenticate. I'm somewhat surprised that A-gon has this problem since you have to register to post, but if someone here has IT chops (I don't), they could probably explain how these bots can get on the board without triggering a filter. I suspect the powers that be are probably working on a software solution; however, I gather that this board is custom software, not standard off the shelf platform stuff, so maybe they have more issues than simply buying a plug in to ameliorate it. 
Taxation without representation? Nope. Especially taxation on speech. 
This is seriously one of the worst ideas I have ever heard.
OK, I get the message, not a good idea. Point taken.
Frank finally something political we can agree on! I live in DC so taxation without representation is my daily reality. :)
It used to annoy me but I've taken to police it whenever I come across it. After awhile it feels like citizen participation and is somewhat rewarding. 
But then, that's me

All the best,
jond ...

I hear you. But then, I consider all taxation to be theft. :-)

If A'gon started charging a fee (tax) on each post as the OP suggested, there wouldn't be any members left to tax. Other Audio sites would be booming, however. Hmmm ... I see a parallel to California vs Texas here. :-)

As the OP, I am not sure where the idea of a tax came from. What I proposed is essentially a deposit of $1-5 to post on the forum. Once the moderator approves your post (within hours I would think?), an automatic refund is made to your account. However, if you are a spammer, you loose your $1-5 deposit.

At 6:15 CST I counted 24 out of 36 post on the forum, posted in the last 12 hours, are spam. I personally find this very annoying. Thoughts?
@nonoise - Same here(proactivity)!
Great idea mgattmch. 
I’ll do you one better.
Give a discount to all minorities and permit illegal immigrants to post free. 
No. Just scroll down and move on. Leave it for he Mod's, who do a great job.