Suggestion & Recommendation for the CABLES

Any experience & suggestion for the Interconnects/Speakers/PC Cables for my systems:

Simon Yorke S7, Wadia 861, Sequerra FM Reference,
Viola Labs Symphony Amps SS / Cassanda Preamp SS,
Vandersteen Model 5A.

Thank you.
I have no cable suggestions but I wonder if you can tell us
a bit more about the Viola Labs electronics! How do they
compare with the CAT stuff I think you had before?
you obviously have a very nice system and have spent quite a bit to this point.if you can swing it the indra interconnects are superb.i am currently auditioning what i think is the best speaker cable i have heard in my system ..that being a prana 'cosmos' speaker cable. both of these cables are relatively expensive but i believe in matching quality with can get good cables for less but i don't think you can get 'great' cables cheaply.just a thought
Did you try Elrod speaker cables yet?

....they are supposed to be coming this week.i am currently auditioning prana 'cosmos' speaker cables which are will be interesting to compare the elrods' to them
I am also waiting for audition of Elrod's (I am next in line after you) and will compare those to my FMS "Nexus".

Calloway & Tindersticki -

Could you please tell me what the price range of the Elrod speaker cables is?

If you don't want to do this publicly, please email me privately.

I am a big fan of Mr. Elrod's products, and just need to know if the price of this new offering is even worth considering. If the answer is "if you have to ask, then you can't afford it", then I'm out...


Thanks for all, Calloway & Tindersticki, I'm waiting for your audition and compare the Elrod speakers cables & prana