Suggestion on interconnects

I am using JMlab diva utopia hooked up with cj premium12 and 15, onix cd player. I mostly listen to classic music. Clarity and space are most important to me, any suggestion on some entrylevel ic I shall try? Many thanks!
Dh Labs BL-1 Series 2

Very nice interconnects that I started with. I now use Cardas Golden Reference, but I still have all my BL-1's in case I decise to set up a second system.
MIT cables have given me more clarity and space than any others - especially with tube gear. I very highly recommend you try some MIT AVT1 cables. Great value, well made, and sound fantastic. See my system page for more info.

Any MIT will outperform similiar cables!
JPS Labs Superconductor cables give a high level of calrity and openness. You can demo them as well as most others that might interest you from The Cable Company for a modest rental fee. That way you can demo them in your own system before you decide what sounds best to you.
Most reputable dealers will also let you demo cables in your home without committing to purchase. Just be sure to give the cables 24 hours in your system before listening critically; for whatever reason the sound seems to change after being in-system than from when you first put them in.
Audio metallurgy Ga-0 interconnects better than anything out there at three times the price.
I have owned cables from Nordost, Transparent, Shyunata, Audioquest, and Tara Labs. Many of these cables were quite expensive (Valhalla, Reference XL MM, etc) None for me, and in my system, had the clarity, air, and decay into a holographic three dimensional sound field like the new active Synergistic Research Tesla cables. Not even close.

You might want to call The Cable Company so you can audition different cables from different manufacturers-a few listening experiments should take you to your goals.
Leica man could achieve said results plus being in the presence of music being made with MIT Oracle dot 2 or MA cables.
>>Any MIT will outperform similiar cables!<<

Cables are system/user dependent and claims such as this clearly display a lack of understanding regarding the subject.

There is no universal best for any system; buy that which is most pleasing to thee.
Cable recommendations are very difficult to make as each system is different and what works for one system does not necessarily mean it will work in another system, additionally, everyone has there own tastes as to what sounds best to them. Each of these recommendations are very sincere and I am quite sure it works fine within there systems and they are quite happy. I have always found that the MIT cables have had a particular synergy with what ever system I have owned, It seems to be due to these cables having selectable network boxes which enable you to match the impedances of your electronics as well as addressing the many additional interactions between your electronics and speakers, enabling you to extract the optimum performance your electronics and speakers are capable of. This correct matching can often make MORE of a difference than changing other pieces of electronics. I suggest you find a dealer who will let you AUDITION the MIT cables within your price range in YOUR system, I am pretty sure you will be quite impressed and your search should be over. In addition, because of our crazy hobby we tend to change electronics quite often in search of the holy grail, one great advantage of the MIT cables is that if you do make a change, you can adjust the impedance of the interconnects to achieve maximum performance with your new electronics, thus saving the cost of a new set of cables to help match your new electronics or speakers. Of course you will probably upgrade to the more expensive Mits, but that is the nature of our hobby.
Audiofeil is correct..except as it pertains to MIT!
Thank you Dave for proving my lack of understanding postulate.

Good job.
Look, I've owned more gear than most reviewers...ditto for cables. The fact is that recent MIT cables outperform everything else I've heard by a they are adjustable for electronics changes down the road! Besides, don't take my word for it, try them from the cable company and decide for yourself...assuming you can hear well?
Have you tried SR Tesla cables? I've owned network cables from both Transparent Audio and MIT (and Nordost, and Audioquest, and Tara Labs, and...). While I appreciate aspects of all, none have had the rare attributes of warmth, detail, and holographic imaging I get with Tesla cables; I've just never heard such transparency and warmth with wrap around sound staging. It's an unusual combination I only hear at live venues. And despite the transparent detail of Tesla, I've never heard a cable convey emotion (musicality), the way these Tesla cables do. I feel like I've discovered the Holy Grail of audio-that's why I'm so animated on the subject.

I encourage you and anyone else to compare different cables before making a decision.
At the "entry" level I'd echo the DH Labs BL-1 series II. Tons of clarity and air for not much dough.

However, if you can stretch a bit the Stereovox Colibri interconnects add an additional sense of dimension and space I've not heard from interconnects costing much more. Best of luck.
Leica man, I love my Oracle dot 2 cables but someday will try some tesla from the cable company!
Thank you all for your suggestions. I am getting a pair of MIT from a friend and will put them on tonight to see how it works.
i have owned mit interconnect and speaker cables.
i don't own them now. they are not the last word in cables.

i sold mine over a year ago. if you like them, fine. in no way are they the best available. there is no best available.

taste and perception determine what is best for any serious listener.
Classical especially if large orchestra is taxing to most equipment. Cables too. PS Audio Transcendant Silver Series is warm sounding. Also Clear Day Speaker Cables- silver shotgun- will give the space and warmth
With high quality components like yours, why would you start with an "entry level" IC, when there are mid - t0 - upper level IC's available used which will give you much better performance, e.g., Nordoxt Quatro Fil (the unsung hero of Nordoast line, IMHO), Cardas Golden Ref, Stereovox, etc.

But for so-called entry level, I think you would be amazed at the performance of the Anti-Cable IC's. The only thing entry level about them is their price.

Jeq, which MIT cables are you trying?
i've tried a lot of cables and i always go back to my transparent ref xl's.good balance,detail,body,weight and harmonics.cables are however system dependent
I had a pair of the GA-0's and yes they are smooth but lack in the upper frequencies[ sound like you are missing part of the music ]. I like the LAT International 200 mkiv's. They are extremely nuetral,deep and wide soundstage,with excellent detail from top to bottom. I had silver streaks,red dawn,solo crystal ovals.The Lats smoked them all.I have a 3910,B&K,and B&W speakers.