Suggestion of single-box SACD and DAC player

Hi all, I would like to know are there any SACD player which can be used as a DAC (digital in)?
So far, I know that Cary 306 SACD can use as a SACD player and take digital in. My budget is around $3k. Right now, I own a DAC1, and I am looking for a single box can do both SACD and DAC.
McIntosh MCD500 SACD/CD. It has 2 digital inputs. It also can be used without a preamp because it has both fixed output and variable outputs with a level control. It has the new Sabre 32 bit dac chip. 4,ooo used
Marants SA-15S2, it has an optical in.
Just released esoteric SA-50
digital in and a 32 bit dac
there are many choices; do a search for this question.

my favorite SACD player/DAC that i have heard would be the Playback Designs MPS-5. it uses an Esoteric disc drive. the MPS-5 has many different digital inputs so can be used from almost any concievable digital source; a computer or any transport. the MPS-5 is also the best sounding CD player i have heard.

Playback Designs MPS-5
I think the Playback MPS has an MSRP of 15K, so that won't fit your stated budget. But, as an owner of the 306 Pro which I am using 80/15/5% as a DAC/CDP/SACD, I would strongly recommend seeking out a used one...It may be a bit over your budget, but times being what they are, you just might find the right "motivated seller"....Plus the pre "Pro" model the 306, is 98% of the Pro and can be found for well under you budget on the used market...

I find my Apple Lossless rips 98% equal to the disc playing directly through the is a remarkable set up that gives you the best of both worlds....

Good Luck, John