suggestion for turntable upgrade

currently have an original Linn w/ITTOK arm. Nothing wrong with unit,I have owned it for a long time and getting an itch. In my price range of $2300 there are MMF 9.1, Pro-ject 10.1 and used VPI Classic I. Suggestions? Thanks.
Be bold, look into U-Turn Audio units. Great sound, great value. Why not try, you will be surprised.
A Linn/Ittok is better than all of the alternatives you have listed. I would suggest a Naim Armageddon power supply for your Linn. Alternatively, a Lyra Delos cartridge is also within your budget. Either of these on your Linn would smoke any turntable you could buy under $2500.
You lost me Jimbones, the Wow XL looks nothing like a VPI Scout.

Built quality of the Wow XL and VPI Classic are up a notch from the likes of Music Hall, Pro-ject, and Rega.... no bias here as I am a proud owner of a fully modified Rega.

I had the chance to audition the Wow XL with an RB202/Delos and, to my ears, it sounded TOO GOOD for the asking price!

The bearing is Acoustic Signature’s Tidorfolon bearing, which is the same bearing design used in all AS turntables, including the $34K flagship Ascona turntable.

The platter alone weighs 14 pounds and is almost 2 inches of solid aluminum.

This is one serious TT for the asking price.
If you're used to a LP-12 with an ITTOK, you will be blown away by a Classic. Might even go into sensory overload. ;)

The Classic is a very good table. Great support from VPI if it isn't perfect.