suggestion for turntable upgrade

currently have an original Linn w/ITTOK arm. Nothing wrong with unit,I have owned it for a long time and getting an itch. In my price range of $2300 there are MMF 9.1, Pro-ject 10.1 and used VPI Classic I. Suggestions? Thanks.
Just my ears of course, but that carbon 9cc arm on the better Pro-jects sings very sweet. Bearings are top too.
Best tables in under $2500,IMHO Certified pre owned VPI Classic 1, Scout 1.1/Scout 2 or Project Extension 10 or Clearaudio Concept or used Ovation or Performance. The Linn LP12/Ittock combo is a good one, still keeps up with just about anything under 2K....used. Biggest challenge, keeping the power supply perfect for another 30 years. Just the Lingo III upgrade costs a staggering $2200.
Have a listen to a well tempered
Dctom, I have not heard a WT table. will consider.

And schubert, which Pro-ject was that? Is that Arm at least equal/better to what I have now?
Dan, thanks for your recommendations. I have not seen a lot of turntable (in my price range) for sale. I am especially interested in the Xtension 10 and classic1 or mmc 9.1. That said, my option might be to keep my Linn and just add an external power supply. I checked and the Music Hall Cruise control will work in my setup. And it will only cost me $300!
Be bold, look into U-Turn Audio units. Great sound, great value. Why not try, you will be surprised.
I have a Pro-gect Perspective because the acrylic base did it for me, 9cc is on a lot of Pro-jects.
I had a Linn back in the day with I think an Ittok , but 30 year old memory is not reliable.
You don't say what you want more, or less, of. Which makes it a bit of a popularity contest rather than finding something that is consonant with your listening bias.

That said, a Garrard 301 or 401 or a Thorens TD124 will give you a very different set of strengths than the excellent Linn. You might just fall in love with them. YMMV.
For $2,395.00, Acoustic Signature Wow XL should be on your short list.
A Linn/Ittok is better than all of the alternatives you have listed. I would suggest a Naim Armageddon power supply for your Linn. Alternatively, a Lyra Delos cartridge is also within your budget. Either of these on your Linn would smoke any turntable you could buy under $2500.
I love my Classic!!!
Acoustic signature looks like a VPI Scout.

Does anyone know of the build quality of the Music Hall?
You lost me Jimbones, the Wow XL looks nothing like a VPI Scout.

Built quality of the Wow XL and VPI Classic are up a notch from the likes of Music Hall, Pro-ject, and Rega.... no bias here as I am a proud owner of a fully modified Rega.

I had the chance to audition the Wow XL with an RB202/Delos and, to my ears, it sounded TOO GOOD for the asking price!

The bearing is Acoustic Signature’s Tidorfolon bearing, which is the same bearing design used in all AS turntables, including the $34K flagship Ascona turntable.

The platter alone weighs 14 pounds and is almost 2 inches of solid aluminum.

This is one serious TT for the asking price.
Rega Planar 3
If you're used to a LP-12 with an ITTOK, you will be blown away by a Classic. Might even go into sensory overload. ;)

The Classic is a very good table. Great support from VPI if it isn't perfect.
Kiko,to me the Scout and Wow Xl look similar. looks like it will cost about $4500 w/o cartridge
About $1500.00 - $1700.00 off Jimbones,

Wow XL w/RB202 $2895.00 at Gene Rubin Audio online store, brand new.

VPI Industries Classic One mkII w/DV KARAT 17D3 currently selling in Agon for a tad over $3000.00 seems like a better offer if you prefer to buy used. The 17D3 is a giant killer and it pairs extremely well with VPI products.
OK so I ended up purchasing a VPI Classic 2 with the on-the-fly VTA adjustment.
looks like a well made unit and they are in NJ and I live in Y so if I need anything its close.