suggestion For speaker cables between focal electra be and accuphase E-560

Hi all
i am looking for speaker cable not so expensive , a littebit warm sounding cable to connect between focal electra and accuphase e560
right now i am using Harmonic technology pro9 , i am intrested in , Kubala sosna, PAD, Audience ,or other please give me some advice
and also looking for a powercord for E-560
thak you
I can't comment on your specific components, but I have been delighted with my Virtual Dynamic David speaker cables when used both with a Jeff Rowland Concentra and vintage Accuphase T-303, the former paired with Green Mountain Audio Callistos, and the latter Von Schweikert VR-1s.
Hidiamond P4 pc and D8 sc. I use them with my 1038 Be and they are quite a match.