suggestion for replacing Totem Arro

I have been very happy with a pair of Totem Arro speakers for my living room setup, but a recent addition to the family is making placement a bit more complicated and has us a bit concerned about our baby knocking them over.

I'm looking for suggestions on a speaker that might replace these. I think I'd be better off with a monitor/bookshelf speaker and something that is relatively flexible in its placement (literally on a shelf perhaps, or if not, placed somewhat close to the wall). I really love the Arro's imaging and sound quality and I know I'm not likely to find something exactly like them, but would love some suggestions on speakers that might be as enjoyable to listen to for someone who likes the Arro.

For reference, my source is usually vinyl on a Music Hall MMF5 though an all class A amp/preamp (Forte pre and monarchy sm-70 amp). so something that does well with that. I'd also be interested in suggestions for monitor/sub combos in lieu of a straight pair of speakers. i'd like to keep around or under the price range of the Arro.
Kef r300 would be a good replacement. See if a dealer is near by and get a listen. Good luck
The spike idea is really good! :)
I don't know the KEF speakers so I'll check those out. I listened to totems bookshelf line and remember not liking them as much. I also felt like they were kind of finicky about placement? Maybe that's not true though?
It is intuitive that ALL speaker recomendations in this forum have a bias injected by the writer.

I also had ARROs and Forests in a prior system so I know them very well.

That in mind, may I recommend STEREOTIMES review of REGA R1 bookshelves (I also had them in a prior B system)
REGA R1s - a New Budget Reference

alt#2: if you are actively looking for superior imaging you may wish to audition the TANNOY REVOLUTION DC6 monitors (I currently have them in my B system and I am a BIG REGA fan)
IMO these will take on your ARROs anytime.
5 Star rating at WHAT HI-FI
I knocked mine over a couple times, so I built some stands. If they had been available at the time, I would have used the outriggers from Soundocity.

Here's a link to a picture of my system in its old configuration that shows the stands:

Here is a link to the Soundocity outiggers:
riffer, thanks for the idea on the stands. i hadn't thought to go that route! do they really make them that much more steady?

Akg_ca, do the tannoy's or the rega's perform well with a wall close behind them?
They haven't toppled since. I've also reduced the size of my fat arse, which has helped as well :)

It might be worth the experience of trying. It's certainly less expensive and less hassle than switching speakers.

I don't know if they could take a full hit from a little kid though. My niece and nephew were trained to stay away from the stereo when they were that age.
Well, lets see how the stand idea holds up with the other half. admittedly, as much as I didn't want to part with those guys, I was also sort of hoping for the chance to try something new out! :)
Pablo - my 2 cents. If the stands don't work, put the Arros in a closet for the time being . Buy something more kid-friendly to try. Sell the Arros if you no longer feel the need after you had the the kid-friendly option for a while. (Riffer - I'm thinking I like the look of your stands more than the Soundcity outriggers - nice job!).

Full disclosure statement - I am a Totem Forest owner (but not a dealer ;-)
QUOTE: Akg_ca, do the tannoy's or the rega's perform well with a wall close behind them?

REGA R1s/ RS1s: wallmount / bookshelf / stand mount

The REGAs are designed to work close to back walls if required. In fact, the R1s/RS1s have accessory wall-mounting brackets available for direct mounting on the walls. I had them as standalone bookshelves and also as standmounts positioned close to the back walls with terrific performance.

What the REGAs do (see article ref in prior post as the mag's "new budget reference bookshelves ) is exhibit an incredible PRaT and they get the midrange "right" as few others can. Positioned close to the back wall also increases their bass. NOTE: These are not bi-wired.


What HiFi 5 star awards:
-- 2 versions: standmount and floormount; standmount (what I have)

WHAT HI-Fi awars them a 5 star rating review - best in their class for 2012

paraphrase of the quote:

"...Best Awards 2012 in their class as standmounts. Detailed, dynamic and fast on their feet, these sound just as good as they look..."

There is also floormount model: The floorstanding versions of these speakers, the Tannoy Revolution DC6T, were 2011’s Award-winners in What H-Fi mag.

DC6 standmounts were double the money of the REGAs. They are being offered at substantial discounts now on model changes.

I have them positioned about 2 ft from sidewalls and 3 feet from backwall due to room limitations and they work great bi-wired.

The manual recommends that they avoid being positioned in the corners of the room. The manual recommends at least 0.5 m from the rear wall and 1 metre from the side walls.

NOTE: The TANNOYs are standmounts that require an investment in quality heavy spiked stands (preferably filled with shot or equivalent); but properly set up they sing! These certainly match and -- IMO -- exceed the performance & imaging of the Arros with their fast detailed and agile sound with the right gear driving them.
Did you ever see the crossover in the Arrow?? It's freakin huge with all large scale parts and hand wired...bigger than a B&W801D crossover!! You tube has a video of Vince Brusezze giving a lecture to a dealer in CA about their speakers and build quality.