Suggestion for Preamp please ????

I currently have a VTL 2.5 tube preamp of which I like. I'm running a pair of Monarchy Audio SE-100 Delux class A amps. The VTL is the best sounding preamp I've enjoyed to date.
I do NOT have deep pockets so this is at about my limit for moneys. Maybe a few hundred dollars more.
I've read that the Monarchy amps sound their best using the XLR set up. My VTL is RCA only.

So, I'm looking for suggestions on a solid state or tube preamp with the following - -

XLR connection,
Phono section (nice to have but not required),
If tube prefer not to have a preamp running a large number of tubes (NOS tubes alone are costly)
Price used < $1300

Note, I was previously a tube only guy since I prefer a lush, warm sound but have come over partially to the SS camp so to speak using the Monarchy amps. I'm hppy with the move. A SS preamp could work assuming it's musical, not sterile.

Thank you!!!!
AirTight hybrid STC1 very detailed not expensive
Look at the Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE. Used about 1400. I realize that's 100 over, but read the 6 Moons review and you just might find that $100.
I would do more research about the difference between using XLR and RCA inputs on your amp before selling the VTL. Virtually every component I have owned was supposed to sound better using one set of inputs rather than the other -- that applies to my Perfect Wave DAC, my VAC Phi 200 amp, and a McIntosh MC275 amp I used to own. The only component that sounded significantly better using the XLR inputs was the MC275...and this was the component that a lot of owners say sounds better using the RCA inputs.

In any case, your budget is pretty tight, certainly not high enough to allow you to buy a good balanced preamp used. If you buy a new "budget" preamp like the Wyred 4 Sound, you are going to lose money if you decide to resell it because it is too dry compared to a tube preamp.

One idea would be to demo a new tube preamp with balanced outputs from a manufacturer offering generous return privileges. Audio Horizons, for example, comes to mind. There are probably other preamps sold manufacturer-direct that have similar return privileges.