Suggestion for good used Integ. Amp for $ 5-600?

I am looking for a used, relatively good quality to drive my B&W 603 speakers for $ 5 - 600.
Your other post sais you have B&W 604s? Anyway, I posted there that at $600 you should look at the Audio Refinement Complete Integrated.
Search in the forums, this topic has been touched on numerous times. Audio Refinement, which I owned. Also, Anthem INT 1, or 2. Mistral makes a great one. Used Creek would also be a great way to go. The 4330 can be had for less than you are wanting to spend.
How big is your room and how loud do you want to play your music? Most of the excellent amps listed above have 50wpc or less. That wouldn't cut it for me. I would need a little more horesepower; something like an Acurus DIA-100 or Roksan Kandy. Maybe even a NAD 370. But yes, you might be giving up sound quality to achieve realistic output.
Tube Choices are: (Trust me, you cant go wrong!)
1.) Sonic Frontiers SFC-1
2.) Union Research Simply 12
3.) Audio Research CA-50

Solid State Choices are:
1.) Marantz PM-17SA
2.) Denon PMA-200R
3.) Roksan Kandy
you cant go wrong with the following stuff!!! naim nait-3,
linn majik, primare a-20....all are fantastic!!!