Suggestion for Audiogon Forums

I think it’s time to divide the forums into three categories, Questions, Opinions and Throwdowns.

Questions necessarily require answers which are often opinions.

I could do without the throwdowns.

an important addition is to use a granny checker or swearing/bad words checker.

And when ever the word pairing 'snake oil' is used, the attempt to post fails, or is changed to read 'sour grapes'.
The biggest problems with this and any board is Know it alls. I had a bad case of it from about 13 - 20 yrs old but outgrew It. It used to be a  common malady which was normally outgrown. But now it is much more pervasive in grown ups...or at least, those who should be grown ups. 
Questions, opinions, and throwdowns, you say. Okay.  

So tell me afisher, into which category does this thread go then? 

I sympathize artemus.
There are striking quantities of Extremely Confident, Contemptuous, Opinions on offer these days, which turns some threads into ECCO chambers!
Actually, I enjoy the mix of all of it except when it gets to be a personal attack. I have learned things here during some rough debates that otherwise might not have come out. MC Hammer-MC the foil! I think some of us would get bored without a little high intensity debate! This is a's supposed to be fun!
Question: When I type "@"in order to reference an Audiogon member in a reply, why do some members' names come up but others' don't?
I am always ready for any of the three. The key is to realize that THIS is a hobby, not life and death. We are all very very lucky to have the luxury of contemplating any of the proposed topics. This is a first world hobby with all of its supposed queries and quandries. Keep that in mind! We are not solving world hunger, pestilence, drug addiction etc. Some people go too far trying to convince others that they are right or more informed...MAYBE you are Maybe you are not.....make your point,,, chill, ..... relax ....... and be pleasant.😉
 Are you familiar with the Dunning/Krueger Effect?  It seems to be prevalent with a few posters.

True, the term "snake oil" truly needs to be given a vacation, but there's no questioning the passion of the folks that inhabit this website. We love our music and we love hearing it at its best. I enjoy the feistiness that permeates this website.  And yeah, it adds a true comedic bent when you and your fellow sandbox throwers are so well-heeled. 
Add: ‘Global Political Commentary’ as another category. 
I normally plead the 5th when reading such surprising viewpoints, as some are literally offensive. Probably a generation gap though. 
Pretty much everything written on this board is an opinion. Good/bad, experienced/not, etc. The only truly objective info here is  when actual numbers of measurements are used (rare). Then the argument ensues whether those objective measurements are subjectively better sounding or not. Or, in other words, someone’s opinion. 
Love the back and forth with anything audiophile related. Eliminate the politics entirely.
Throwing downs?!? It is tempting...possible could call it "Audiomania 2021" and each week it could feature a cage match with the two most contentious posters battling over the likes of DACs vs. Vinyl or Class A vs  Class D.

One post to rule them all.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.
“I think it’s time to divide the forums into three categories, Questions, Opinions and Throwdowns.”

This could make the “community” quite interesting.
Mostly right, sometimes wrong, never in doubt.

Captures the community fairly well me thinks.

To’s in the opinion category, which reminds me to add a special narcissist category for needy types like you😉
Eliminate the politics entirely

Agreed, let's keep "The Gon" focused on audio.
Country of Origin; Country of Manufacturer; Country of Branding are inherent qualities of our equipment that we cannot control, and not worth our time in trade war debates -- There are a plethora of other "Gon" platforms for that.
How about a category called "Meaningless Drivel" that would include any gushing reviews that do not compare to other gear. Would save a lot of time. 

reviews that do not compare to other gear.

this audio hobby is all about X vs Y,  how else will we know the <<real deal>>> vs the <<<snakeoil/scam>>>
I acn assure you FR vs box/xover, = no brainer  how the shootout will go down.  

How about a topic called
~~ ~~Who can make the best, truly fantastic discovery in the audio jungle/hyped/snakeoil forest.
I just won, I found Eureka, Audio Nirvana.
I am the 1st to post that discovery, and no others.
You guys are asleep at the wheel.

i have a penchant for seeking and searching til I find what i am looking for.
I may go down all sorts of dead ends, but i just keep looking.