Suggestion for a good pair of speakers

Need advise for a good pair of speakers. I'll be driving them with Pass XA 30.5. I mostly listen to old classic rock (Lot of live performances) and Western classical music. My room size is 14' x 20'. I plan to spend around USD 3000 and ready to go for a used pair up to 5 years old.

Thanks folks,
You might want to check out Ascend Acoustics. I just bought a pair of their CBM 170's, they are their budget bookshelf speakers. They are very detailed. They do not color the sound at all. I can only imagine what their higher end speakers sound like. Also I have heard a lot of good things about Tekton speakers. The Lori mini and Lori S. are under $1000.00. They are made to order, and are well suited for tube amps. as they are very easy to drive. Ascend and Tekton can only be purchased on line. Selli.
$1,300.00 for a pair of DALI Zensor 7's (Amazon). These speakers can rock and are a steal at the asking price!

$2,500.00 for a used pair of GoldenEar Triton 2's ($3,000.00 new). These speakers are simply marvelous.

I auditioned both of them driven by a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum with KT120 output tubes and StraightWire Maestro cables.

I ended up buying the Triton 7's (great deal at $900.00 used) but they cannot rock as hard as the Zensor 7's nor the Triton 2's.

Still extremely satisfied with the purchase due to their level of resolution, soundstage, and imaging!