Suggestion for a 78rpm cartridge/ stylus?

Ok,I admit it, I'm a hopeless case!
Just bought a couple hundred 78,s because, well they were local and dirt cheap!
Now I have an old Dual 1009 4 speed idler drive in fair working order so speed is covered.

What I would prefer is to use a cartridge that I can just swap the stylus over rather than two separate carts.

So suggestion for a cartridge that has available both a regular 33/45 stylus and also a 78 stylus if such a beast exists.

And Happy New year to all of you and your family!
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uber, the only 78s I have are a concert album by Louie Armstrong and the All Stars from my dad so I didn't want to spend much money.

I found an old Empire cartridge in my parts box and bought a new 78 stylus.  My line stage has a mono switch so I think that will be good enough.  My table with 78 speed is not playable so waiting to complete that.  Just a thought.