Suggested tube amp with First Sound Deluxe?

I'm wondering what a good amp would be to run with the First Sound Deluxe preamp for under $6500? How would it work with the Cary V12?
The Deluxe is very dynamic- Cary is easy going but might be livened up by the Deluxe. I would be very interested in that combo as I also have a very dynamic preamp and am looking for a tube amp. Mabe the VTL 150's would show off the dynamics of the deluxe a lot more- but would that combo be as musical?? Thats the problem I'm having. It's impossable to know until you get the amp in your system.
You are asking the wrong question. The First Sound will work fine with just about anything. Your decision should (must!) be driven by the speakers you are using.
You should match amp to speakers not preamp to amp.
To answer your question, try the Antique Sound Lab Hurricane amps. However, as others have noted, match the amps to the speakers. The Alon line works exceedingly well with the speakers, as noted by HP.
The speakers I'm considering (in order of preference) are Silverline Sonata III, Coincident Total Eclipse, Sonus Faber Cremona, Von Scheweikert VR-4.
I second the ASL Hurricane recommendation!
what do you hurricane owners have for speakers and preamps?
what are your listening preferences? digital or analog front ends?
Von Schweikert VR-4 III HSE, First Sound Presence Deluxe MKII. Digital only, BAT VK-D5.
I'm using a First Sound Presence Deluxe II and recently replaced a Bryston 14B SST with a VAC Phi 110/110. The added gain in the system is phenomenal! I always felt I had to turn the volume pots up way too far on the First Sound to get the listening level I wanted with the Bryston. The VAC Phi 110/110 has balanced RCA inputs, and running single ended from the First Sound to the VAC's balanced RCA inputs gives me loads of volume at lower settings on the pots. I haven't tried the standard single ended inputs on the VAC yet, but I'd be willing to bet the volume bonus is still there over the Bryston. Bottom line, there seems to be great synergy between the First Sound and VAC. BTW, I'm using Von Schweikert VR4 SE loudspeakers.
The speakers in our house are: Sound dynamics RTS 3s; Hale Rev 3s.
I prefer analog; the digital sounds good, but the analog sounds....mesmerizing. I recently heard an Ayre CX-7 or whatever the latest model is. Sounded very good, but analogue still sounds less connect-the-dots. it's just....there.

Last weekend at the Stereophile Show in New York (the weekend of May 23, 2004), I heard the JM Lab speakers with a couple hundred thousand dollars in digital. It was extremely good, but analogue still has a flow to it that, in my experience, digital does not yet display. I think the CD system revolved around the DCS digital system in the JM Lab/Shunyata room at the show. And whenever I heard digital, it always sounded less open at the top. Not "un-airy," so to speak, just like there was an invisible scrim over the soundstage so that sound didn't float upwards and outwards forever, the way analogue seems to.
It's funny, because with the prices people pay for digital, you could have a top-notch turntable tonearm AND cartridge. But digital is more convenient; plug and play, so to speak. So, that's cool, too.
Back to your question. The VAC line, from what I remember of my old Renaissance 70/70 (with a pair of Audio Artistry Dvoraks, which really needed solid state) was truly beautiful to listen to. Lush in the heart-rending sense. I'm sure they've improved since then. I sure wouldn't mind owning that amp again! it was utterly life-like and that with a pair of speakers that Sigfried Linkwitz (who now designs the Orions, I see) definitely recommended with solid state ONLY. And 100 watts at that. So, look into the VAC line.
I have a FS Presence Deluxe and a VAC 70/70 and really like the combo.. I prefer it by a large margin to my former VTL MB-450s. It is more musical to my ears.
CAUTION: First Sound pre-amp and Cary R version power amps may not mate well. Yes, the amp/speaker mating is more critical, but in the case of some pre's and amps, matching does play a significant role.

I tried the First Sound Presence Deluxe, 4.0 pre-amp (which I own and love) with the R version (modified) Cary SLAM-100's. Not a good combo at all. The R version input circuit needs more gain (possibly lower output impedance, too) from the pre-amp to "drive" the R input stage to full output. This involves more than merely having to turn up the volume. Frequency response and dynamics were negatively impacted with poor bass and no stage depth.

The stock SLAM-100's are fantastic match, and that would be my recommendation to you among Cary amps--on the used market, of course. (I use the Coincident Super Eclipses, BTW.)

I had to send the mod'ed Cary SLAM-100's back to Cary to have the mod undone--at my loss.